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A Note to Buyers

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by admin, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Just a note - breeders are human beings with feelings just like anyone else...just like buyers don't want to be jerked around by breeders, breeders don't want to be jerked around by buyers.

    Please be courteous and respectful of a breeder's time - I would expect nothing less of a breeder - or a buyer.

    Thank you!
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  2. I agree with you. I have had rude people and I seriously think people messing with me. One lady called me 7 times on Memorial Day. I was polite. It continued for about 2 weeks of constant calling, (no emails or PM) the same questions over and over again and she did not expect the price. She then stopped calling.

    I agree with your post. TYVM.
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  3. ScottKelly911

    ScottKelly911 Savannah Super Cat

    That's a great post. I know many people can quickly fall in love with Savannahs and because of this, they want to be closer to buying one and may have a lot of questions. Buyers who tend to have a lot of questions should probably try to correspond via email so the breeder can answer questions at their convenience. People forget, most breeders aren't getting rich being breeders (despite the costs of these cats lol) and have regular day/night jobs and families just like the rest of us. We as buyers should be sensitive to that. I understand what it's like to get excited about a possible ownership opportunity and as it gets closer, then sure phone calls may be in order. Almost all of my correspondence with my breeder was done via email because it's what worked for both of us. I know some people are a little more "old fashioned" and prefer to talk on the phone, but a lot of the questions people probably have are basic general information that's available all over the web via sites like this one. A bit of research beforehand will go a long ways in actually helping yourself choose a good Savannah match for yourself and not waste a breeders time educating the lay. It also show's the prospective breeder that you are "ready" to be SV owner. Calling a breeder and expecting them to school you completely on all things SV in one phone call isn't fair to the breeder, do some research of the generalities on your own. Then when it comes to specifics you can ask the questions that are pertinent to the particular breeders cats, such as what are they feeding, which litter etc. (for transitional purposes), when are they available, have they had their shots etc. or can you have a couple of current pictures of the kitten/cat that you may be interested in. With this particular breed, I'm sure there's a lot of "window shoppers". People that are hopeful to one day own one but aren't really serious about buying one at the time of making calls. Remember, just be courteous, these aren't 9-5 businesses, these are people's home or cell phone numbers that you're calling. If you call a breeder on the west coast and you're living on the east coast, remember, even though it's 10am there, you're calling at 7am here on the westcoast on a Saturday morning and possibly ruining the breeders only day to sleep in lol. If you're a "looky Lou", nothing wrong with that, doing that enough, you may eventually find the one that pushes you from window shopper to actual ownership, so do the right thing, educate yourself, talk via email to breeders or forums such as SavannahCatChat.com and then once you think you've found "the one" go ahead and get more detailed info and start establishing better communication via phone if you prefer.
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  4. Sue

    Sue Savannah Super Cat

    I agree with everything said above. I have one thing to add. Communication is a two way street. If a buyer has left a phone message and /or an email, it needs to be returned in a timely fashion. I have had issues with my breeder not providing me with my registration papers. Two years of emails and phone calls have been ignored most of the time. I have tried getting assistance through 2 different TICA regional directors and am not getting return phone calls or emails. I am not over loading an in box. I email, wait a few weeks to a month and email or call and leave another message. I am considerate of time zones, holidays and even the dinner hour. Sue
  5. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    I was not clear in my post, so let me clear this up...there is nothing wrong with emailing and calling a breeder, spending time, expecting a timely response, etc. I was referring more to buyers who call a breeder, say they want a kitten, make the breeders do everything but somersaults, such as scheduling flights, asking for a million photos and videos, and then give the breeder a lame excuse, such as "oh, sorry, I just found out I am allergic to cats" - that is a BS answer - just be honest...anyone can change their mind and that is ok...just be honest...if you found a savannah cat or savannah kitten you like better, say so.

    And no, this has not happened to me (yet) - LOL! But it has happened enough to others, that I felt compelled to say something...but...to newer breeders...no backflips for someone unless there is a deposit...JMO. Backflips means scheduling flights, figuring out where to meet, etc. Pictures and videos and correspondence, of course!

    Hope I explained a bit better!

    Scott - you are right on...Sue, your situation is totally different and I hope one day it gets straightened out.
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  6. Sorry, Sue. I know sometimes paperwork can be difficult on both sides. 2 years is way too long. So sorry.

    As for window shoppers. I do not mind. I understand I was once one and well still kind of am. Since I am am a new cattery, I am always looking for new breeders. I do not call at all hours of the night. I do send emails all hours of the night. (I am a Paramedic and FF). My work hours are mainly at night.

    Yes, people do need to be respectful but, in both of my careers it is not always true. Sad, but true. I have the advantage to turn the phone or email over to my business manager (my husband) and he takes it from there. Teeheehee. He wanted the title and position so I get to push crap down hill. :)
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  7. Patty

    Patty Breeding Savannahs for the Home

    I have had people like what you are describing. Asking for photo's/video's constantly, then deciding they don't want the kitten after all. I work full time and when you want pics every day, that is a little much. I don't mind if you decide on another kitten, just don't jerk me around and then tell me, oh, I changed my mind.
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  8. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Here's another issue that buyers need to remember- and hey, I've been guilty of window shopping myself- make sure Hubby/Wife is on board with another kitten before SERIOUSLY window shopping!!!
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  9. Eolsurion

    Eolsurion Rob

    If I may add, the first thing a buyer should do is check whether it is legal to own the generation of savannah they are looking to purchase where they live. I know there has been some attention on this lately, but thought would add. And just because someone may already own a savannah doesn't mean they can skip this step. Laws change all the time.

    Please remember that if it is illegal to own a savannah where you live, NYC for example, Seattle is another, and you decide to purchase anyways ... At some point you will be caught. And it is your cats that will pay the ultimate price. But don't forget it effects everyone that owns a savannah as well. Authorities are requiring vets to report information now.
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  10. Ugh, today I had someone ask for additional pictures of my kittens because he/she was interested. So, I took more pictures of the kittens requested. NP.. The person kept asking questions about the litter, color and costs. All is written in my website and FB page. Both this person said he/she had gone to. This person kept asking about price. I told the person the price range for the kittens as breeders.

    I have 5 kittens and 4 can be breeders. One is not what I would want someone to breed into the blood line so I refuse to let her be a breeder. 3 of the 4 kittens are good enough for show and breeding.

    This person began to tell me how he/she has never know anyone to ask up to $6000. for a male breeder. This person said that the average cost for a F5/SBT or lower breeder is $600-3500 max. I was/am willing to negotiate but to bring down the price lower than pet price is crazy.

    This person said that he/she is a breeder. This person said that the SV's he/she already has cost way, way, way below average price. OK. NP. I understand and want to help everyone I can. We are all on the same team. I tried to explain the type, color and score of the kitten does base the price. He/she became rude. IDK. I tried and put hours into pictures, emails and PM's.

    I did see pictures of the higher generation SV's.. Wow, I am frustrated for this person because he/she got ripped off and now this person thinks every SV should be so cheap. The SV's are very low (sad) quality and are now going to be breeding..

    I am a new breeder and am not perfect but, I will not rip someone off but I do not want to be or have anyone else ripped off. I wanted to know the breeder this person got the SV's from and I got stone walled. I asked but nothing.

    Had to vent and thanks for letting me..

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