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Blind Cat Association

Discussion in 'Links We Like - and You Like' started by admin, May 22, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

  2. Medesha

    Medesha Savannah Super Cat

    Oh, wow, I didn't know something like this existed!

    One of the litters I rescued from my backyard, well, it was their mother's first litter and it kinda showed. They all had terrible eye infections. Most of them cleared up but the grey one had it the worst. He was blind for about three weeks and the vet didn't expect him to regain his sight. But he did get it back in one eye. Unfortunately, the other one began to swell, and it needed to be removed. The surgery was expensive, but the doctor gave me a discount and then some pet rescue group paid for most of it. Smokey went away to a good home.

    It's good to know a group like this is around!
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  3. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Wow - that is an amazing story! I didn't know it existed either and I don't remember how I found it :roflmao: it is awesome that this group exists and does such wonderful work.

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