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Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Behavior' started by Charley, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Charley

    Charley Savannah Super Cat

    We've had Jengo just over 6 months now and he's now 1 full year. We've got a new kind of game going and I want to make sure it's okay to keep playing it with him.

    It started as peek-a-boo, I would peek around a corner and he would come right to me...recently I was running through the house to catch the phone and realized Jengo was running after me, it was pretty hilarious. Our peek a boo games then turned into a game of chase, now if I run - he runs right after me and he loves it - I just want to make sure I am not tapping into something where he thinks I'm prey or something like that.
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  2. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Sounds like he is having fun! I highly doubt you are considered prey...if I run, mine chase me as well ;)
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  3. MK Anderson

    MK Anderson Guest

    LOL! Keeba does the same thing. :)
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  4. DChap

    DChap Site Supporter

    I love it when Tojo chases me. Most times he runs ahead of me trying to guess where I'm going. I laugh at the out of nowhere leaps at my legs, feet, etc. too. Of course sometime it hurts and I yell out, but he's not fazed.
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  5. Eolsurion

    Eolsurion Rob

    Sounds like a fun game. I'll have my kids run round and see if the boys will chase them... If so ... Way to get two birds with one stone, they can wear each other out and I'll sit back and watch. Great idea ... TY lol ;)
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  6. Kurt Mylar

    Kurt Mylar Savannah Super Cat

    Tiger loves to run with me to the door but hates it when I go out the door. He sits there and yells at the door witch drives my wife crazy.
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  7. Charley

    Charley Savannah Super Cat

    Now what's really weird about this game is he sometimes wants ME to chase HIM! lol! If you can get your kids and Savannah's to play this together - that would be awesome! If I had kids I would teach them every nuance of the game!
  8. Brigitte Cowell

    Brigitte Cowell Moderator Staff Member

    I think it is fine as long as the chase does not end with any physicality...for example, if the chase ends with kitty wanting to tackle you or use claws on your leg etc... that would not be good. But no contact activity sounds harmless and fun to me :)
  9. morbius

    morbius Savannah Super Cat

    Servo and I used to chase each other back and forth across the house all the time. Throw in some hide and seek too. I think it's completely normal and shows you have a close bond with him.

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