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Cirque du Savannah

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Photos | Savannah Kitten Photos' started by l.i.t, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. l.i.t

    l.i.t Site Supporter

    In an extraordinary effort to be the artistic one in the family, Lotto has taken up contortionism...

    I promised him that if he is a 'good boy' , we would send him to Cirque du Savannah tryouts.

    He could be waiting a VERY long time LOL!

    Attached Files:

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  2. DChap

    DChap Site Supporter

    I love that- Cirque du Savannah! Sounds like a great monthly pic theme :)
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  3. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    LOL, cute! I also think Cirque du Savannah is a great theme for one of the monthly picture theme!
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  4. Pam Flachs

    Pam Flachs Savannah Super Cat

    I like that idea too!
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  5. Jacq

    Jacq Savannah Super Cat

    LOL! Me too!

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