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Death by small kitten

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by Trish Allearz, May 9, 2012.

  1. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    So the baby wasn't feeling good last night and therefore, I didn't sleep well... I skipped my early morning workout and instead, decided I would run on the treadmill after dropping the first grader off at school.

    So there I am, running on the treadmill and trying to get into the 'zone'. You know- that zone where you forget each second that passes on the treadmill... That zone where you aren't staring at the distance tick slowly by... You know- the 'zone'...

    Suddenly, a 12 week old spotted terror LAUNCHES HIMSELF at the treadmill right in between my feet!

    Yes, Abu tried to kill me today. Thank goodness, I just stumbled and caught myself. He was launched off the treadmill by the treadmill belt- but he's fine.

    I swear- that kitten is FEARLESS.
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  2. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    OMG - lucky you!!! Abu must have been a bit scared, no?
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  3. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    No- he didn't even seem to care. Most kittens would scurry off and hide. He was all, "What?" Trouble. He reminds me so much of Chumlee in his personality.
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  4. Pam Flachs

    Pam Flachs Savannah Super Cat

    Wow--glad you and Abu are OK, Trish!
  5. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Looks like his new dad needs to buy him a cat wheel. Glad you're both ok.
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  6. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    That's a great idea! Yeah, he probably needs one!
  7. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    The scenario running through my head had me in gales of laughter! But on a serious note that was a very dangerous situation! Thankfully no one was hurt and it was good for a laugh!
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  8. Paul B

    Paul B Sorte

    My thoughts exactly!! I was picturing the whole thing as I was reading and couldn't help but chuckle. :) Glad you are both OK though, Trish. :) That cat wheel sounds like a good investment.
  9. Brigitte Cowell

    Brigitte Cowell Moderator Staff Member

    Very glad there were no serious injuries!
  10. Eolsurion

    Eolsurion Rob

    Glad all are well, and I'm already trying to figure out how to hook up a kitty wheel to a generator ... why not put savannah energy to good use ;)
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