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Hey Mom, I need a longer perch

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Photos | Savannah Kitten Photos' started by Deborah, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Poor Maliik is spilling out of his favorite perch. It's 29" long and I bought it when Juba was a baby thinking that it would be sufficiently large for any SV I brought home. Wrong:oops:

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  2. xumi's mom

    xumi's mom Susan

    LOL! Looks like he's determined to be comfortable in it, though!
  3. Laura W

    Laura W Savannah Super Cat

    Maliik is so pretty!
  4. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    OMG - Malik is huge!!! And gorgeous! and...needs a new perch :roflmao:
  5. Jacq

    Jacq Savannah Super Cat

    Ah he looks comfy. Cats love to squeeze in small places.
  6. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    He doesn't look like he minds that the perch is 'shrinking', LOL!

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