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How do we catch these guys?

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Scams and Warnings' started by Vaderzer0, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Vaderzer0

    Vaderzer0 Wannabe Breeder

    The past couple weeks I have dealt with 2 different people claiming to be selling savannahs and servals. Both posted fraudulent pictures and claimed they were of themselves or kittens they were selling... I have the e-mails and could post the pictures. some were so photoshopped it was rediculous. My question is... How do I report them? who can I contact about their false claims? I would love to reel one of these people in and catch them for the police if I could.
  2. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    It is very difficult...as for reporting and contacting, all depends on where you saw the ads...feel free to post as it may help others.
  3. Eolsurion

    Eolsurion Rob

    LOL the USDA ... they are so wanting to be up in everyone business ... sorry I know you are asking a serious question. I wish I had a better answer for you. If you likes though ... me and the boys we can go roughs them up a little bit ... you know jersey style ;)
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  4. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    Wrong, the USDA isn't interested in scammers, they are only interested in honest breeders who are simply trying to provide a service to people looking for a lifelong companion :(
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  5. SV Dad

    SV Dad Site Supporter

    Old School! Not many left who know how to take care of business!

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