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Kitten Bloodlines

Discussion in 'Purchasing a Savannah Cat' started by Dantes, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    I was following the thread about Serval X Maine Coon pairings...really love the idea, since Maine Coons are known for being laid back personalities, and for me, finding a kitten is all about personality.

    So then the question came up ... how would you track down an F4/5/6/SBT baby boy that had MC in his bloodline?
  2. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Talk to the breeders :) Like as far as I know- I don't have MC in the pedigree of any of my cats.
  3. Per Lausund

    Per Lausund Moderator Staff Member

    I´d be careful with MC, they are not of the same general type as the SV, chin and body build, not to mention coat and colours...
    Why not use oriental shorthairs or Siamese, they´re as laid-back as you get any cat, while at the same time have the body and agility you look for in a SV?
    And I´m opinionated...
  4. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    Ah, I'm sorry if I seem to have implied that I was *only* looking for this type of kitten! I'm not at all! What I have noticed is that (aside from personality which is #1 in my book) visually I prefer kitties that have fuller (rounder?) faces to those that have more angular faces, I'm not sure what determines that, and was just curious how it all works.

    Just to be clear, I'm looking for a pet, not planning on breeding or anything, but the more I read the more curious I get :D I'm thinking you have to be a scientist to be a cat breeder, it seems really complicated!
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  5. Jacq

    Jacq Savannah Super Cat

    Kristin from Demdar in Santa Barbara, CA has Maine coon in her bloodlines. Her cats are really gorgeous. You might want to check out her site.
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  6. Brigitte Cowell

    Brigitte Cowell Moderator Staff Member

    The way you find out what is in the background of any kitten you are interested in is to ask the breeder for the pedigree... it is not unreasonable to expect to see a pedigree before purchase.

    But in your case, be aware that if you are looking for a lower generation Savannah, what was used with the Serval is a tiny part of the cat's heritage in terms of personality. After all, in an F5 you would only have 3% MC heritage if that was what was used with the Serval. 3% Serval (well really probably ~5% in SBT) and then over 90% all the other breeds used.

    And if looking for a fuller rounder face in a Savannah you will be looking for a breeder not wishing to breed for our Standard which does call for an angular face. Of course we always get kittens that don't quite match the standard and have thrown to some other type in their pedigree...but have you considered a Bengal instead? They have a shorter face with bigger rounder eyes so might give you more of the look you want?
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  7. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    This is a really good point. I'm still getting used to the breed, and this will probably change, to be honest I'm looking at personality and not so much looks, I just noticed that the ones I've been more attracted to were the ones that had little chubby faces. I might not even be describing it right.

    And that is another good point, I've been back and forth on breeds about a hundred times in the last few months, and given my experience trying to adopt my first ever pedigreed cat, a ragdoll who it turns out doesn't like to be touched, I'm not so sure about anything, honestly.
  8. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Yeah, but chubby as a baby may turn angular as they grow- so is it a baby look you are drawn to?
  9. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    Anything is possible.
  10. Kronos

    Kronos Guest

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