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Meet our new family!

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Photos | Savannah Kitten Photos' started by HappyS, May 2, 2012.

  1. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Meet our adorable new family members that we will get to hug and kiss and cry in about a month! These beauties will be coming from Wyldthingz in CA!

    It was such a quest finding these two. Even though we are home the majority of the time, we did not like the idea of them growing up without family and being in the house lonely whatsoever and made the decision to get two of the same litter. Harder said than done! I contacted over 20 breeders and surprisingly only received responses from half and of the ones we contacted none of them had exactly what we were looking for.

    Then one random day at work, I came across adorable week old kittens on the internet from another breeder's site and decided "what the heck, calling won't hurt me" and I spoke with Kelly for almost an hour and I was very nervous! But they were perfect, the breeder was so knowledgable and she truly does care about all her animals. So we immediately put them on hold.

    Their timing, age, brother sister availability, etc... It just screamed that it must be meant to be. And it was. We as the new parents are ferociously getting everything ready for them.

    They are... SO SPOILED. They are going to drink cleaner water than us with the best water fountain available for purchase, eat the absolute best food available (more $ than I spend on food for myself), have their own entire full sized bedroom in our house for play with cat trees and cat walks and own full bathroom. Of course all this ended up coming out of what we had budgeted for spending on lots of other things (such as I apparently am not getting any birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any gifts for years to come... And same with my husband :) ) but I see it as an investment and it's worth it for them to be super healthy and happy.

    We love them. So much. And just like any parent we think they are the most beautiful things on the planet. Nay, the universe :D

    Guess which picture screams "I'm sexy and I know it"

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  2. Pam Flachs

    Pam Flachs Savannah Super Cat

    They are just beautiful! Huge congrats on your new family :)

    I think they know they are gorgeous in all the pics ;)
  3. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Very nice kittens! I'm sure you are thrilled! And they are very lucky kitties..will be very spoiled as well.

    Congrats and please share stories and pics when they finally arrive!
  4. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Thank you thank you! They are extremely photogenic and their personality just shines through the photos!

    We most certainly shall! :D
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  5. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    They are cutie patooties for sure. They already have you wrapped around their little paws and they're not even home yet. Sounds like you both are goners -- kittens will be sleeping in the master bedroom and you guys will be relegated to the kitten room. LOL.
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  6. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Hahaha! Goners would certainly be the word for it! We cannot give into their whims when they're here... because as much as they're spoiled the last thing we will accept is them becoming little princess and prince brats! ;) but we cannot deny the possibility of rolling over on our bed to make room for them to comfortably sleep! Discipline, morality (more for the human kids) and the best we can provide are our motto for our savannah and future human children.

    Lol! My Husband just asked me from the other side of the room:
    "Having fun on the cat forum?" "How did you know?!" "Because you're a cat woman now."
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  7. Wyldthingz

    Wyldthingz Savannah Super Cat

    Oh, I just saw those faces 3 minutes ago!
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  8. Michelle Anderson

    Michelle Anderson Savannah Super Cat

    they are adorable!!! Congrats!!
  9. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    Congratulations on your new babies, and welcome to that special insanity called Savannah addiction ;)
  10. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Thanks everyone! We certainly feel a bit crazily obsessed... And a bit over the top/ too much according to our family and friends.
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