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NOOO mom we dont have the muchies

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Photos | Savannah Kitten Photos' started by Marissa, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Marissa

    Marissa Savannah Super Cat

    haha sitting here browsing the forums and this is what i find my girls choosing over food ImageUploadedByTapatalk1335511319.583219.jpg
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  2. J.B.

    J.B. Savannah Super Cat

    Hahaha! That is too cute! :cat: "But moooom they smell good!"
  3. Marissa

    Marissa Savannah Super Cat

    to me they smell terrible! according to my son and cats they smell great! haha then again somehow the smell of cat food and raw meat has been making me hungry lately! haha 4
  4. Michelle Anderson

    Michelle Anderson Savannah Super Cat

    That's too funny! :big grin:
  5. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    That is funny, Mariisa! I think anything in a bag is sometimes very cool for savannah cats!
  6. Julie

    Julie Savannah Super Cat

    I'm guessing he bag of doritos I was eatings gone? Ill take ranch munchies next mom. :)

    Lol, that's great though, of all foods to go after.

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