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Over grooming


Savannah Super Cat
Well I gave up last Tuesday and took Mokkun into the vet to find out what is going on
It was not Bella that was chewing his hair off he was doing it to himself really nasty and red.
So we got to the vet a bit early and got right in. He gets a Prednisone once a day till the rash clears up
then down to 1/2 a day for a week. We are going to change the litter from pine to alfalfa (rabbit food).
We will have to keep an eye on things. He also got all his shots that were due. All were killed virus
type. Dr Dill really is a easy going vet to work with and he works with exotics. Today it will be one week and
I can already see his skin clearing up.
I did try to use the vanilla extract but he seemed to like it. The down side was it gave him the kitty trots.

Thanks For the help


Savannah Super Cat
Tuesday Mokkun decided to try to chew the pill. He gave me the What did you give me look.
After he got it down I gave him the normal treat and he had to think twice before chomping
the treat. Today I did the normal thing with the pill and he let me drop it in the back of his mouth
and it went right down, Then I gave the treat and that went down too. Very quick and painless
for both of us.
His belly and ears are looking so much better now. The red is mostly gone and now the hair is
looking like it is growing back (peach fuzz) He is lynx point in color so the red really showed.
All 3 cats are here in my room while the bang and boom goes on. Bella could care less.
Both of the boys don't enjoy the sound.
Mokkun is the darker one and the other is Tetsu
This is Bella

Thanks for the help


Savannah Super Cat
Someone said check the laundry soap. Well it is the same that we have always used
even before the problem. BUT Mokkun did start to sleep in a box of towels when Bella
was moved into there room. I got to thinking and so I moved the box when he was on
the second run of the meds. He finished the meds and I had a short trip for 10 days.
My mother watches the cats and when I got back I checked Mokkun and he has whiskers
again!! No red belly no red ears!!!!!!

So it has to be the soap.

Sean :)