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Discussion in 'Links We Like - and You Like' started by Deborah, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Museum gel & putty keeps valuables/breakables safe from prying paws. I use it to hold down everything a SV can knock over including furniture and also use it to keep pictures & artwork on the walls.
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  2. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    I have used this many times and for the most part it works very well, but a really persistent Savannah can eventually work an item free...
  3. Brigitte Cowell

    Brigitte Cowell Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I've had some that saw it as a personal challenge to do so! LOL!
  4. Jeni

    Jeni Aniyah's mommy

    Looks like we are about to find out how well this Museum Wax stuff works.......

    DSCN4441.JPG DSCN4436.JPG DSCN4438.JPG

    I've been noticing dust bunnies on my counter tops after work, now I know WHY!!!:eek:
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  5. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    hahaha!!! Adorable kitten!
  6. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    Oh boy - good luck!

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