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Savannah 26 Comfort Lounge

Discussion in 'Links We Like - and You Like' started by admin, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member


    So yes, I am shamefully promoting this lounger...I have ordered one...the owner of this company is awesome and after conversation back and forth, he named the lounger after the savannah cat and is donating 5% of the proceeds to Savannah Rescue!!! He is an avid cat lover!!!

    Made for the Largest of Kitties that prefer to Slumber where they Scratch. As with our Original Comfort Lounger, outstanding Super Long design features include:

    Gorgeous Smooth-Sanded Authentic Cedar Frame. Brawny Cat puts Old Growth, Reclaimed, Pacific Northwest Western Red Cedar to good use. The Sweet Aroma of Cedar is as natural as it gets!
    Ultra Hardy Refill Padlets. Honeycomb Cardboard Scratching Surface from our Symmetrical, Sculpted, Reversible, Replaceable Comfort Padlet.
    Tail Slots & Footsy Rests. A girl's got to have the finer accommodations so Brawny Cat delivers. Fun for Big Boy kitties too!
    Sculpted Side Bolsters. These are magical for kitties that desire a Cat Scratch Lounge that will put their Slumbering abilities to good use.
    Off the Floor Elevation. Why Scratch'n Slumber on your Comfort Lounge if you can't be elevated and feel like the Royal Kitty that you are. Stainless Steel leg glides are capped with floor-safe felt pads.
    Room for Two or Three! - 800 Square Inches of Surface Space is unheard of! Great for the Biggest Kitty or a bunch of Kitty Pals that like to hang out together.
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  2. DocMac

    DocMac Guest

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  3. MK Anderson

    MK Anderson Guest

    I like!!
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  4. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Here are a few kudos to Brawny cat:
    • Apartment Therapy 2011 design Showcase Finalist
    • Featured Lounge on Animal Planet - "My Cat from Hell" with host Jackson Galaxy
    • Featured Cat Scratch Loungers in this year's BlogPaws 2012
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