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Savannah Cat Behavior

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat Questions? Need Savannah Cat Advice?' started by admin, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Does anyone else have a savannah that would rather play first thing in the morning than eat??? I am driven crazy every morning for play time before I can have a cup of tea :(
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  2. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    No- but... They play all night long!
  3. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Them it's a tradeoff?
  4. Charley

    Charley Savannah Super Cat

    YES! Jengo seems to run at me meowing at the top of his lungs! He's really cuddly and likes to rub all over me but when I feed him and try to put coffee on for myself he'll look at the food and yell some more. Then I run out to the garage for a morning smoke and all I hear is the saddest meow I have ever heard. He's finally just now eating the food I put down for him this morning. lol!
  5. Breheart

    Breheart Guest

    yes, Keljin is for sure a morning player too. I almost think its that he knows my schedule, and helps me get up and energized for the day :p Mornings are usually filled with licking my face and jumping on my body. And then at night he tells ME when its bed time lol. I was still on the computer at 2am last night and noticed he hadn't come in or out of the office in a while, usually he is in my lap or playing somewhere. When I went to go find him, he was laying in my spot on the bed. So I told him okay, I'll come to bed now :)

    But - to the original question - yes. Keljin seems to care more about food in the evening after I get home from work. Morning time he is the most hyper, and focused on playtime and nothing else. He knows I will play with him before work, and he is the first cat I've had who really tunes into MY schedule. My cats growing up usually romped around at night time, and played and ate whenever they felt like it and didn't care for whatever I was doing. It is a nice change for sure!
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  6. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Empty bellies rule in my house. Even when they were kittens, it was FEED ME first, then litter box, face & paw cleaning and then play. However, just about the time they've done their morning routine and are ready to play, that's when I've finally settled down to breakfast & the morning paper. And naturally that's when they decide to body surf on the morning paper. It's their version of bowling, using their bodies to try to knock plate & cup on the floor.
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  7. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Maybe I need to make sure the bellies are empty first thing in the morning then :eek:
  8. Kronos

    Kronos Guest

    I am lucky, both my cats let me sleep in... but in the middle of the night sometimes I think I hear thunder lol!
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  9. Ssparrow

    Ssparrow Savannah Teenager

    Help. My f3 two year old sv won't walk on the floor anymore. He gets around by walking on furniture , beds anything but the floor. His not sick. Nothing has changed. He's feet are fine. Maybe it's a game. But when I say want to go for a walk he has no problem touching the floor. I'm puzzled.
  10. Katniss

    Katniss And her brother Crazy !

    Our kitties want their breakfast at 5am if not earlier! I can barely make it out of the room without being tripped by Katniss rubbing in between my legs on the way to the kitchen. I turn on the bar sink faucet for the morning watering, break out the breakfast, make the coffee and head back to bed! THey will eat half their food then come for loving and when the coffee is ready and I return to kitchen they come and finish thier breakfast. But then........................... look out.. THe energizer bunnies have been let loose! Hold onto your coffee and as Deborah said "paper surfing time!" as well as the chase throughout the house sounding like I invited a heard of elephants over!! ( I really do like that sound on our hardwood floors..always makes me smile...not so sure for the others sleeping but maybe that helps me smile more!! hahahahha)

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