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Savannahs like water?!?!

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by AprilAnn, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. AprilAnn

    AprilAnn Savannah Super Cat

    I have been told by many SV owners that they like water. I figure it's per cat. My kitten has shown some curiousity towards water; example... Everytime I get out of the shower he likes to go play in the puddle left behind afterwards. What is the best way to introduce my kitty to water?

    Other questions I have is regarding giving him a bath. He is cleaning himself pretty well but he seems to miss a spot here and there. Does anyone recommend giving him a bath? And if so, is there a specific shampoo to use. Also, what is the best way to go about doing this bath time thing?

    April Ann
  2. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Um, I would not bathe a Savannah unless there is a specific reason to (ie they got into the flour and then rolled around some raw egg- LOL). Cats are actually very good at keeping themselves very clean :)

    As for introducing them to water- I don't know. I know my F1 male originally was fascinated with toys bobbing in the bath tub and that led to him playing with the toys in the tub. You could try that- put water in the tub, and toss some cat toys in it that float?
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  3. Cathouse1

    Cathouse1 Site Supporter

    Ours was curious, so I ran 2-3 inches in the bath tub and eased him in. It didn't phase him, chases toys in the water and everything. Have not used more than 6 inches of water so far.

  4. Anne

    Anne Savannah Super Cat

    Keegan loves to watch water, but doesn't like to be in it so far ....
  5. DChap

    DChap Site Supporter

    Tojo is terrified of water or I guess really the bathtub. When he was about 3 months he used to love to play with ping pong balls in the empty tub. One day my plumber ran about an inch of water in there to check something and Tojo came running and jumped in! He totally freeked and could not get himself out. I scrambled to get him and got quite sliced up in the process. He will go in the shower after we get out to play in the puddles and does play with running water at the sink sometimes.
  6. Ashley

    Ashley Savannah Super Cat

    Kovu doesn't hate water.. but he doesn't like it either. If he needs to be bathed (usually if he gets poo on him while using the litter box) he doesn't put up a fight. He just stands there in the water. But as soon as he knows he is done, he is OUT.
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  7. AprilAnn

    AprilAnn Savannah Super Cat

    Thanks for the advice.

    @Trish, I have started to take him on occasional walks and car rides; so just in case I put a litter box on the floor. Well... Long story short he fell in his poo and has a little hard spot on his fur by his ear. Would a damp wash cloth suffice? I just wasn't sure how sensitive that area is and didn't want to irritate it.
  8. DocMac

    DocMac Guest

    One of my boys slipped into a deep fryer (cooled oil) after he pried the lid off. He went in almost to his waist on just his hind legs in the middle of the night. Grease on both hind legs and halfway up his tail. Even after his one and only bath, he still smelled like shrimp egg rolls for a day or two. He had licked some off, so we took him to the vet and she just laughed.
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  9. Nitro

    Nitro and his servant, Paul

    I had to clean Nitro off after an "accident" in my car (long story short, he got carsick and decided my lap was his litter box). He didn't make a peep when I took him in the shower with me, but he clearly wasn't happy.
  10. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Ack, be careful what you wish for. Two of mine are water addicts and it's nearly impossible to do any work that involves a sink without having them involved -- which means me, the cats, & whatever room we're in are drenched. To make matters worse, they have figured out how to turn on the faucets on the kitchen sinks and occasionally they swivel the faucets over the counter creating lovely cascading waterfalls onto the floor. Mucho dinero to replace a floor.:eek:
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