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Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by Kronos, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Kronos

    Kronos Guest

    Ok normally Kronos is pretty good when we leave him home alone... I mean we have been now for a long time since his litter kwitter training is back on track.

    Yesterday when hubby came home he told me he found disaster! Kronos had been on the kitchen counters and found a snickers bar, unwrapped it, and had chewed the corner of it (he said none was eaten there was just teeth marks, but the whole thing was unwrapped!), the rugs in both bathrooms were all bunched up, and both garbage cans in the bathrooms were tipped over and garbage scattered all over the house, and papers from our coffee table all over the living room!

    I chuckled and replied "at least nothing is broken"
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  2. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Sounds like Kronos went on a rampage and showed you just how unpredictable savannah cats can be ;)
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  3. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Hahahaha- what a waste of a Snickers bar!
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  4. Michelle Anderson

    Michelle Anderson Savannah Super Cat

    hahaha! That's hilarious!!!! I have yet to find a disaster by my 2 cats here....lol But when I had my bengal......OH MY GOD! Almost everyday that I came home from work; her and my 2 DSH's I had...torn my house up!!!!
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  5. Marissa

    Marissa Savannah Super Cat

    All of mine surprising don't do much that's naughty, besides knock down a few things. I use to have two bengals that were destructive, they needed the cabinets child locked before I need child locks for a child. They had such an obsession with potato buns and destroying the trash. Other than that I'm thankful none of these guys do much damage or create too much chaos :)
  6. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member


    And for all of you who say "my SV never...." Just wait. They're playing with you. Psychological manipulation. Once you're lulled into thinking you have a very good kitty...WHAM.tri big grin:
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  7. Breheart

    Breheart Guest

    I agree! I think I am at the same stage as Alisha since our kittens are the same age lol. I was happy and content thinking Keljin was this perfect angel who never destroys anything.. Now he has broken my beaded curtain to the walk in closet.. He bats at it in the middle of the night, has managed to pull a few strings off, and chew and crack the wooden beads off the strings.

    ALSO he has a new obsession of waiting til I'm not looking, to climb inside Winry's cage to eat all her food!
    GRRR :mad:
  8. Brigitte Cowell

    Brigitte Cowell Moderator Staff Member

    I think we get less Savandalism just because we've beagle-proofed the house. To deal with our beagle, less is out and less is accessible....so less for the Savannahs too :)

    But always use "yet" when saying they don't do something as you just never know what they will work out next...
  9. Michelle Anderson

    Michelle Anderson Savannah Super Cat

    Oh, I know it's coming!!!! Shyla is just waiting for that right moment.....my siamese Saki, not too sure about him; he's pretty lazy, so he'd be the ring leader and have her do the dirty work I'm sure!!! But I'm sure they secretly have a plan.....:roflmao:
  10. Sue

    Sue Savannah Super Cat

    At least it was only a candy bar. A few weeks ago, Tink got into 4 frozen filet mignons that were on the kitchen counter in a freezer bag thawing. My adult daughter took them out to thaw and went out to lunch. She returned home to find the freezer bag in shreds and on the floor. The steaks had bite marks and claw marks. Sue

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