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They're home and wow

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by HappyS, May 30, 2012.

  1. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    My babies are home! It hasn't yet been a week but it feels like they've been here for a while seeing as they got settled in after one night, yowling to see the rest of the house ever since.

    But the male has a rather large umbilical hernia that needs additional surgery and the female had something or possibly someone (other kitten) cut a half inch to inch end of her tail at the cattery right before she got here (the beautiful black end is gone). We will be going back to the vet to see if she also needs additional surgery after we hear back from the breeder who just found the missing part of tail.
    Lots of additional costs that we didn't anticipate (breeder let us know when discovered in their possession but we obviously did not anticipate the kittens would need surgery after they get to us in the budget. I can't believe just the hernia repair will cost 300-400$ extra if done at same time as neuter. Thank goodness breeder said she'd offer to pay for some of the hernia surgery) but assume that this happens to everyone.

    They play very aggressively (I hear unhappy yowling from one sometimes when playing too rough with each other but not sure if it means they're in pain and I should intervene) with each other and I look like I've been clawed by a rabid tiger from their nails when they launch off my arm to chase another when a second ago they were purring happily in my arms. They play hard and they sleep hard constantly.
    And even though they have countless amount of toys, they chew EVERYTHING. We've tried the bitter apple spray and it doesn't do too much.

    We think they are the bees knees, and are a bit wary if any other health issues will pop up next and I still do not trust any veterinarian in the area. We just want our kittens to be 100%, happy and healthy. Between all the ups and downs, we both can't wait to get home just to see them and love spending every waking moment possible with them.
    I have more pictures of them sleeping since its easy to take pictures of... They're so fast during play that my camera is full of super blurry pictures.

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  2. Nitro

    Nitro and his servant, Paul

    Aww how cute! How old are they in the pictures?

    Sorry to hear about their health issues, but hang in there!
  3. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    I just want them to be 100% as soon as possible so I don't have to worry about it!

    They're 13 weeks in the pictures but I realize they look bigger in the pictures than they look in person.
  4. J.B.

    J.B. Savannah Super Cat

    Sorry to hear about the health and those costs, but hopefully it all gets sorted soon! They are very beautiful! You bought the brother and sister right?
  5. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Yes, thank you! We think so too. Their parents were stunning as well so it must be good genes.

    :) and we are happy we stuck with the decision for brother and sister too as they seem just so happy together! Not to mention I'm assuming they adjusted so fast to a new environment is because they had a familiar companion.
  6. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    They are gorgeous! Glad to hear they are adapting so quickly and I do think the fact that they are brother and sister has helped...they look content. Hopefully, the health issues will resolve quickly.
  7. Medesha

    Medesha Savannah Super Cat

    I'm very sorry to hear about their health issues. I'm a little astounded that they (the male in particular) were sold with those issues. I know the tail tip might have been missed >_<; but the male's? Were these issues know before they came home?

    I'm glad they're finally home though. I get how hard they play- I still have scars on my legs when Vakai would launch after the swinging wand toy.
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  8. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    HappyS, if those kittens left the breeder with those health issues, the breeder should pay for ALL costs associated with fixing them. The kittens should have stayed at the breeder until all issues were cleared up. Do you have a contract with the breeder and if so, what does it say about health guarantee?
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  9. Julie

    Julie Savannah Super Cat

    I was thinking the same thing. The breeder should have kept them longer and had them at 100% health before you brought them home. I would not cover any of the extra vet bills, that should be the breeders job.
  10. HappyS

    HappyS Savannah Super Cat

    Both issues were communicated to me as soon as she found out so I was very well kept in the loop but we had come to the agreement that we should wait and see if the surgery is even necessary as it was small at the time. But it has gotten much bigger very recently right before shipping I believe.

    I do believe that the breeder is very reputable and very loving of her kittens, and I am not thinking differently. As for the surgery costs I may have to clarify with her again as I may be misunderstanding. She would have done the surgery prior to having the male leave but it was determined best to do along neuter which would be done after they left her.

    Regarding the tail, my vet mentioned if there is bone sticking out then we need to talk surgery but as of now there has been nothing needed or surgery discussed since both the breeders vet and mine they only saw a scab. However I believe the scab fell off this weekend and I now see bone sticking out the middle of her tail and she has not yet gone back to the vet to see if anything needs to be done. We will have to see if anything happens.

    There is a health guarantee that says guarantee of health upon pick up of cattery for 72 hours. Again, especially since the breeder is a prominent member of this forum, and I'm not finger pointing as I think she's a fantastic breeder with great kittens who did what she thought was best for their health.
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