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What is your cat's favorite toy?

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by l.i.t, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. l.i.t

    l.i.t Site Supporter

    I'm just curious! Our little boy is very attached to humans, so his favorite toy is 'da bird'....but without the feathers! The feathers are OK, but he likes to rip them out and then goes crazy for that little red nub at the end of the string!

    That, and my hair :uh oh:

    What makes your little ones' day?
  2. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    He got this little Duma-print mouse from his breeder. He lurves that thing, literally to death. It is deaf, blind, nose-less and tail-less. He will carry it around the house and drop it at anyone's feet, then look up at you to say "Throw, please?" so you pick it up (it's probably a little soggy too) and throw it and he brings it back. He gets really excited if you pretend to throw it but don't, and gets a little depressed if you throw it in the same direction for too long. If for some strange reason he can't convince anyone to throw it, or if he's not in the asking mood, he will flip it up in the air by himself and make a rousing game of basketball-soccer with it. The rest of the time he just sleeps with it. There are few other toys Duma loves as much, although he'd hardly pass up a game of Da Bird (it doesn't matter if mousey or some other toy is already in his mouth he will chase and catch Da Bird with his mouth full--we've been through so many feathers, or he'll play with the plastic nub), or Can I Fit In This Box? (which he adopted from Ragdoll Games), or This Looks Like a Good Soccer Ball Lemme Kick It a Bit.

    I would love to know how to get him a second Duma-print mouse, though. The size is just perfect for him, and I haven't yet found one like it. I doubt it will last too much longer.
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  3. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Mine love Lori's toys from Hyendry - especially the Flutterhyde wand...we also have a thread on toys under Links...
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  4. Nitro

    Nitro and his servant, Paul

    At present, a tail. Preferably one that is attached to one of my Bengal cats (much to their dislike), but he'll also go for a similarly-colored felt strip attached to a wand.
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  5. mhardy12

    mhardy12 Savannah Super Cat

    Taz loves these little squeak mice. He has several, most without tails, ears, etc. he hauls them all around the house. He will carry them around drop them then sit over it and make grunting noises. He also likes to bring them to me in bed at 3:00 am. That is not.my favorite. It's the cutest thing ever.
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  6. Kurt Mylar

    Kurt Mylar Savannah Super Cat

    Tiger loves a spacer that came with a scratch pad and a ball with a feather on it. He will take that thing all over the house with him we call it the nontoy. It is made with felt and a plastic spring inside it so I made more just so he would have more of them to play with. Bintu loves the pigeon feathers that she will bring form outside. Loki loves all toys does not matter what it is.
  7. cooterz

    cooterz Savannah Adult

    I also own a "Da Bird" and Mchumba really enjoys it, however nothing can beat a plastic bag...
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  8. Todd L

    Todd L Savannah Super Cat

    Pharaohs favorite toy by far is a little birdie that tweets when you move it around. "Bought it at petco" Its the perfect size for him to haul around. It originally had feathers but pharaoh had them removed within minutes of getting the toy. He plays fetch with it, Hides it under our blankets, sleeps with it etc. We find it everywhere he goes or is.
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  9. Jeni

    Jeni Aniyah's mommy

    The little frayed strings where the carpet meets the tile:eek: Aniyah runs at mach speed, does a little hop hop hop going sideways as she approaches, tail fully puffed out, swats at the little string and bolts off in the other direction....just to do it all over again!
  10. Samber

    Samber Savannah Super Cat

    IDK... a cardboard box may beat a plastic bag..... LOL
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