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What's on your garbage?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Deborah, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Ahhhh, tis the season. This little dove decided my neighbor's garbage can lid is the perfect nesting spot. There are 2 eggs on the nest. My neighbor's are taking their garbage to the dump until the family moves out.:in love:

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  2. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    Cool! Good for your neighbors...yes, it definitely is the season. I have seen many bird nests all over my wooded development.
  3. Dantes

    Dantes Guest

    Doves aren't the smartest of birdies, are they lol

    There are several families that nest around here. They always pick the most interesting nesting spots hehe
  4. Ashley

    Ashley Savannah Super Cat

    Uhm.. I have had rats ::shivers:: in my garbage. Domesticated rats are awesome, I've had a couple as pets when I was younger. But these are yucky city rats. I went to take the garbage out a few weeks ago & my friend was with me. I was walking up to the dumpster & she told me to wait, picked up a rock & threw it and 2 rats came running out! I refuse to take my garbage out after dark now!

    Btw-thats awesome that your neighbors wont disrupt the nest. At the daycare I work at we have a lot of bird's nests on the buildings. They were going to have them hosed down but quite a few have babies & were making a big deal about it so they decided to wait. :)
  5. Kronos

    Kronos Guest

    What a strange place for a nest lol!
  6. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Aww, what nice neighbors!
  7. Paul B

    Paul B Sorte

    LOL! They couldn't pick somewhere a little higher up and maybe a bit more concealed? At least they did it on a "dove friendly" garbage can! LOL! :)
  8. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    Ain't that the truth...they have to be one of the dumbest birds when it comes to nesting. Can you imagine that flimsy nest in a tree? I'm surprised they haven't become extinct. What with the raccoons, cats, & crows in the neighborhood, I'll be very surprised if this story has a happy ending.
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  9. Paul B

    Paul B Sorte

    Those were my thoughts too. I wasn't going to be the one to say it though... LOL. They're off to a positive start just being there so far though.
  10. Patti

    Patti Admin Staff Member

    Oh my goodness, silly dove - but great neighbors!!

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