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Who is there?

Discussion in 'Savannah Cat - General Discussion' started by Ashley, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Savannah Super Cat

    Kovu has become obsessed with brooms. Its like crack to him. He goes CRAZY & I literally have to pry him off once he gets started sniffing at it. One of the brooms is in the bathroom. I should probably take it back downstairs, it was left in the bathroom when the guys were cleaning up from the big mess they made with remodeling the shower.

    So this morning I get up to use the bathroom. I'm sitting there doing my business, looking at my pretty shower. lol Its 2am. Elijah is asleep, Glenn is deployed, and the door handle jiggles. WHAAT? :eek:

    So I call out "Elijah?"...no answer. "Elijah?"...still no answer. Surely I would have heard his always insanely loud footsteps right?

    I hurry & finish up. Grab the broom because that is the only thing I could probably use to defend myself with & slowly open the door and what is right in my face as I open the door?

    Kovu. - ___ - ... on the banister, trying to jiggle the handle, to get in the bathroom, to get the damn broom.

    So glad he was able to give me a mini heart attack before the sun even came up.
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  2. Trish Allearz

    Trish Allearz Moderator

    Oh my! That would scare me too!

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  3. admin

    admin Paige Staff Member

    LOL, Ashley! Sounds like Kovu is the broom man ;)
  4. WitchyWoman

    WitchyWoman Admin Staff Member

    See, and this is why it's so hard to describe what it's like living with a SV to those who ask. You can say "never a dull moment" but that doesn't quite have the same effect as "he tried to give me a heart attack while I was taking a pee at 2a.m. because he wanted a broom." One might lure potential owners in and the other....not so much. Yet it's the heart attack scenario that more aptly describes life with these inquisitive, stubborn, intelligent, imaginative, lovable kittehs.
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  5. Ashley

    Ashley Savannah Super Cat

    Deborah, your reply literally made me laugh out loud. You're right. If they don't own a Savannah, they probably wont understand. Sounds crazy when its actually said out loud..lol
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  6. Eolsurion

    Eolsurion Rob

    Zues is horrible with the broom. When he is done attacking it there is a pile of broken bristles. And he has no problem taking out anything and everything with the other end of the broom when he is attacking it!!!
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