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1 or 2 savannah kittens with my housecat?

My bf and I are going to buy one savannah or two soon.
But I'm wondering if it would be best for my housecat (5yrs) to get one or two? :uh oh:
My housecat is extremly relaxed, not really playfull and likes to sleep..
Will it be best with two, so my cat won't be "obligated" to play? She is shy and slightly weird.. :p


Staff member
In general, it would be best for your current cat and the new one if the new one had another energetic cat to play with so I would recommend getting 2 savannahs. In time, your current cat may adapt to one new kitty but, from personal experience, I can say that it works better for the SV to have another SV as a companion.


Staff member
I would also recommend an energetic companion to keep up with the Savannah if you don't think your house cat is up to the task. However, there are many active breeds available that are well suited as Savannah companions but not as pricey (depending upon what generation Savannah you are thinking about getting), e.g., Abyssinians, Highlanders, Bengals, etc.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
You can probably get one for a while but eventually will need to get a companion for the Savannah...either a second Savannah or another high energy breed as suggested above or the patient sort that put up with their antics well like a Maine Coon or British Shorthair...they can wrestle and tackle those all day and it won't bother them...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Good advice so far from all. It's quite possible your sedentary house cat may perk up with a new energetic companion. If not, then consider another Savannah, or other high-energy breed as Patti suggested...


Savannah Super Cat
Orientals also are a great match (as you can see in my avatar). My savannahs are even less active than my orientals and sleep more ;)
Here in Norway F1 - F4 is forbidden unless you're a breeder, so it's going to be an F6 or F7 I think.
Should I just get one, and see if my housecat is up to the task? And if she's not, get one more. Does that sound like a good idea? :p

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Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
I would probably try 1 Savannah and see how your house cats does with your new SV in the house. As others said your current cat may perk up. However getting 2 Savannahs isnt a bad option either. Regardless you will most likely end up with more than one savannah. As they say there like Lays potatoe chips.. You cant just have one! LoL.