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12 day old kitten weight?


Savannah Super Cat
Hi everyone! I got an update from my kitten's breeder saying that our little Callie now weighs 8.4oz at 12 days old! She said that she's an ounce bigger than her other sisters. Is that the norm? I know that weight isn't an indicator of size but I was just curious. Thanks!

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Awww. I don't know weights of the little ones, but 1 oz bigger than her sisters.. That seems significant to me. But what do I know?
Gonna be a long couple of months Vickielynn. Be strong. :) Callie will make you melt when you get her.


Staff member
There are often size differences in litters when first born but it's usually no indication of what size they'll be in adulthood. I had one girl born 1.5oz heavier than her siblings and is now as an adult about 7lbs soaking wet!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The only important thing for me is that the kittens double their birth weight in the first week of life... no matter what their birth weight.

As Patti says, size at birth is no indicator of eventual size. Singletons will be larger at birth as there was no competition for resources but they aren't huger than other cats at adulthood. If a cat carries long then kittens will be larger than if born prematurely. Generally they catch up and equalize over time...