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2.5-year-old F2B Neutered Male Savannah cat available in Connecticut


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F2B Hunter is an almost 2.5 year old neutered male Savannah Cat that was born here with us at NitroKatz. His family is devastated, but they have a required move for their job to a state that does not allow any generation of Savannahs so he is looking for a new furrever family where he is legal!! Hunter is a very affectionate and playful boy who currently lives in West Hartford, Connecticut. He is microchipped, has all of his claws and is up to date at the vet. He is good with meeting new people and enjoys going for meandering strolls in the yard on his leash. He has shared his whole life with 2 young boys that he adores, but he has not lived with other pets since he left here as a kitten. We feel he should be fine with them though as he was raised here with many other kittens. He has casually met a dog a couple of times and was cautiously curious, but they did not really have a chance to get close. He would likely do fine with other pets as long as he had a proper slow introduction after an initial quarantine period to acclimate to his new home first.

On occasion he has urinated on some of the kids toys. His pawrents feel this may have been due to jealousy from the kids getting more attention, and also the family being out of the house more than they had during the last Two years. Diligence in cleaning with an appropriate enzyme cleaner, as well as focusing more attention on Hunter has solved that issue.

We will NOT ship Hunter, he must be picked up at his current home in West Hartford, Connecticut. There will be a rehoming fee of $2,000.

If you are interested in being Hunter’s new furrever family and can pick him up in West Hartford, Connecticut please inquire at and tell us about the home you can provide Hunter, and why you feel it is the best fit for him.


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Really feel sorry for Hunter and his family, I really hope a new family comes forward for this beautiful boy soon and give him his fur ever home.