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4 year old F7 in need of new home


Savannah Teenager
Hi all,
It's with heavy heart that i need to rehome my 4.5 year old boy, Little Man.
He's a GREAT cat, loving, sweet, affectionate, smart. But also: tortured, Anxious. 6 months ago, 4 outdoor cats moved into our neighborhood. While my boy is inside exclusively, he has noticed their presence and they have driven him insane. He's taken to spraying indoors and marking his territory. Our journey also includes prozac, which breaks my heart. He now lives down the basement, as the vet suggested that I eliminate the outside stimuli. I visit him all the time, but he was used to having the run of the house.... He's not terribly sad down there, but it's not the best life for him; he deserves so much more.

I'm local to Portland and would prefer not to ship him. He's anxious as it is. He's used to being around other cats (I have 3 more - 1 DSH, 1 F5 and 1Burmilla) and is very affectionate and playful with them. He would do well in a house where there are no outside cats in the neighborhood (it's a big ask, i know) or even an apartment on a high floor.

I would prefer him to go to a home / owner that has experience with the breed and understands these magical creatures.

Thanks for your time,

Additional details: Given Name: Axel, Breeder: Spotlight Savannahs, CA, F7, UTD on shots, neutered


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