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48 hour ups and downs?

The Birds

Savannah Super Cat
I notice that Cal (F1 2 year old) seems to have an activity schedule that changes every other day?
One day he will spaz out and play all day like a mad man, and then sleep only for maybe 4 hours.
Then the next day he is very mellow and sits on my bed most of the time.
Is that common?
I've never had a savannah until this week, so I get a little startled by how vigorous and wacky his playtime can get!
Also he often wakes up at 4AM and I feel bad that I can't entertain him because I need to sleep.
And I wonder if he's acting so nuts because he's bored? Or if it's just regular exuberance.
He has a lot of free space to run with toys and elevated surfaces.


Savannah Super Cat
My boy Neo behaves very similar. The 3-4am rowdiness is the norm. He is not a savannah but also has wild blood. My guess is prime "hunting" time (which in his case equates to the noisiest toy). Living in a studio apartment and sleeping in a loft bed means I cant stop him or escape. I still love him dearly despite his silly antics or schedule!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Our boy does much the same, as has our other SVs. Somethings are relatively consistent, At least for a few weeks, and others change from day to day. Last night he was relatively calm, in fact I had to look for him a few times and found him sleeping. Before retiring, the pantry doors start opening, he's batting stuff around the floor, I need to do clean up and he's some how managed to jump atop a 7'6" pantry cabinet which he's hesitant to get down from.

More of the same as we climb into bed and the penance for allowing him to sleep after we got home. He brings the same to dinner tray eating with zest one day and the next turning up his nose. Same goes for his toys, gone are the constant favorites and what was in favor one day is laid to waist the next.

Nope, no need trying to make sense of these complex creatures as they are bright, incredibly spontaneous and at times totally void of reason.
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