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5 month old F6 SBT intact male yowling


Savannah Super Cat
Ok so I'm new here and new to this breed. I've owned many rescued kitties, but never a pure breed so I'm curious on kitten behavior.

At the moment we have 6 rescued cats aged 1 year to 15 years old. Our 1 year old lost his brother a month ago and we thought to get him another playmate. He has Bengal blood in him, he's a big boy and the most passive cat I've owned, but you can tell he misses his out going brother. In comes a 5 month old intact male Savannah. We have had him for 2 weeks and the whole time he has had diarrhea and we finally find out its Giardia, the liquid medicine was terrible so we are getting chews made up, aside from that he's pretty healthy.

So we did some introduction after about 4 days in his own room. He tries to mount Spencer, the passive guy and he now yowls very loudly. I first thought it was crying because he did not want to be alone, but we can be in the same room and he yowls. Could it be a sexual drive as it sounds like that kind of yowl, he's due to be fixed on Tuesday. I've never had an intact male cat and have never come across this yowling except from a female in heat and from the males trying to get at her.

My question is..will this yowling settle down once he's fixed or is it some other type of communication? I have a couple of chatty kitties, but this doesn't seem like chatting:))

Thanks for any info supplied as I'd like to find out why.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Sounds more to me more like an attempt to exert dominance over Spencer rather than sexual drive...unless there is a female in heat arounbd close. When males try to mount one another it is usually a sign of "Alpha-ism". I do not know if this will continue after neutering.
But I could be wrong. I'm sure the breeders know better.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I'd be careful about introductions until your kitten has been properly treated for the don't want that in all your cats :-(

I think yowling will settle with neuter, but he may naturally be a chatty cat...hard to say without meeting the kitten. Some cats are chatty and some only vocalize when they have something to say. Fortunately most of mine are the latter :)

I'm guessing Tuesday can't come soon enough now... I hope the neuter fixes the howling!


Staff member
I'm not sure what medication you're using that was terrible but guessing it's metronidazole so would suggest trying five days of fenbendazole instead - not nearly as vile tasting and just as effective, if not more so. I definitely agree with Brigitte that you do not want to 'share' giardia with the rest of the household - it can be treated, but as you have already experienced it can be a nasty chore, especially if having to treat six cats all at once.

As for the howling, that does sound like a hormonal thing and I would watch closely for any marking behavior as well. The urine of young intact males is not usually as rancid as a fully mature adult, but they can, and often do spray.

On the other hand, as Cary pointed out the mounting is often a show of dominance and can be seen in both males and females. Hopefully once he has been altered his howling and attempts at mounting will dwindle.

Would love to see some pics of your fur clan!


Savannah Super Cat
Hi everyone and thanks for the information.

As for the mounting Spencer, my first thought was a dominance thing, but Spencer does not care if you jump on him, his brother did it to him all the time, it's the constant sniffing his bottom and the biting his neck that made me think it might be sexual. There are stray cats around as I live in farm country and supposedly the mother of (maybe Blue, not sure on name yet) was in heat when he was there, if that makes a difference. He has not sprayed yet, but did pee in a wood box we had by fireplace, that I suspect my older male has marked.

As for the Giardia, we tried both medication with little luck on keeping it in his mouth, but I have lots of it, if I need to give to other cats. The chews will be in on Tuesday and they are tuna flavored, let's hope that works.

Back to the yowling, would he yowl for companionship ? This morning 5:30 is the usual time for the gang to go outside. So Blue watched everyone go outside and is now yowling up a storm, so would it be "I want to hang with the gang?" Or "I want to mate with the gang"? I guess when he is neutered will tell the tale:)) I was just hoping someone could say..."yes all that obsessive yowling will end when he's fixed":)

I can post some pictures of our Gang of 7, the motley crew. Oh, as for the cats going outside, they are enclosed in a 7 foot fence, unfortunately for Nikko, Spence's brother it was not secure enough and he was not wise to the traffic...broke my heart. We still have a couple that find ways out, but they are wiser and stick to the woods in the back yard and I get them all in at night as I live in Coyote country. Still improving the fence.

If anyone has some DIY fencing tips, that would be great, we've been 3 years working on securing this fence:))



Site Supporter
Make sure that your new guy is not only kept away from the other cats but also using a separate litter box until the giardia is treated. and thoroughly clean the box as well. One of my cats had it last year and passed it onto to the other so now I am "blessed" with treating both of them. This is not something that I would wish upon my worst members of Congress perhaps, but not my worse enemy.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Congrats on your new addition, and welcome, Tusalena!

I agree with the other advice you have been given on introductions, treating the giardia...and especially making sure your outdoor fenced area is secure.

You MUST have a top on the fenced area, even if you have to create a smaller area for outside jaunts, if only for your new Savannah boy.

I will guarantee a fence with no secure top and/or secure around the bottom is NOT going to contain a curious and athletic Savannah.....:(

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Completely agree, the only fences safe for a Savannah either have a top across OR are that cat fencing where the top curls back inwards and they can't climb out...but then you need to be sure there are no alternative routes over the top for that to be secure.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for the Fence Links. At the moment we have the fence up and the last part is to put the top on it. Does anyone know where I can get just the Spring Arms from Purfectfence? Those would be the best, second is just a plain plastic or metal pipe that stands out from fence top with the mesh fencing.

I had him on a leash today and supervised in the back yard, at this time he can't get out as he's too small to climb the fence, but it would not be long before he could hop over so it's fencing time again. I was surprised how easy the leash walk was, I would love to take him on a path we have just down the road but am afraid of dog walkers. Anyone have any experience with their cats meeting up with dogs on leashes?

I have some pictures just have to figure out how to resize them so I can post them here. Cheers and thanks again