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6 mo. old f3b male obsession with girlfriend's bra?



My kitten has an obsession with my girlfriend's bras, especially the pink victoria's secret. He will sniff through a clean load of laundry to find one. He will sniff the dresser drawers and open the correct one, just get his dirty little paws on one. And he will even try and play "innocent" kitten tricks on us just to get a peek.

Is this a mother/scent obsession, a fun toy obsession, a mischievous game, an innate attraction, or maybe a cross-dressing, gender confusion issue? ugh, maybe I shouldn't have snipped his berries.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It may have started as a scent thing or a fabric attraction as Deborah says, but if he is getting a reaction from the humans every time he finds the bras, then it becomes a learned behavior....

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I can see by your message count you are new. Welcome! Enjoy reading a lot of the threads. You are describing typical savannah behavior. Obsession, toy, game, and attraction are possibilities which will drive you nuts trying to figure out. Save your sanity. The reason is basically, "because they can!":eek:


I'd be more worried if you find a piggy bank where he's been collecting pennies for an upcoming Neutical procedure. Maybe not so much about the procedure, but whether he's arranged a ride home from the vet for after. Even if he's a safe driver, he shouldn't be driving himself home under the influence.