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6 year old female available for foster


Savannah Super Cat

This is a bit unusual perhaps, and I am mostly putting out feelers to see what the possibilities are, but I am interested in finding a foster home in Ontario with potential for permanent adoption of my 7 year old female F6 blue spotted Savannah.

Please carefully read this entire ad before messaging me.

She has no litter box issues, she's extremely food driven and hence easy to train (she knows "sit", "shake a paw", and " high five.") She is also harness and leash trained and she loves being outside in calm environments.

For me to consider placing this cat in your household, you cannot have other pets living in the house, and also no plans to get any additional pets within the next year.
No exceptions. I explain why below.

She has previous trauma from an altercation with a Rottweiler and another cat when she was a kitten and ever since then has serious territorial aggression towards other animals. In situations where there's other animals nearby which she can see but not get at, she will redirect that aggression to any humans that get too close to her as well. If she sets eyes on any living creature in her "territory" which isn't human, she wants to kill it, and if a human remotely gets in the way of that she turns on them too. So unless someone has experience with this, extreme levels of patience, and the ability to be consistent with exposure therapy with her, plus a large enough house and enough time to devote to the process for months on end (possibly upwards of a year) the optimal situation for her is in a single pet household.

I know saying all that it might sound like she's feral but when she is the only pet in the household she is sweet and hilarious with her antics and very loving and never aggressive like that. That being said she IS a Savannah and at times she might get a little carried away playing, (especially if she hasn't had enough exercise or stimulation in a while,) but playing a bit too hard is very different than outright attacking and if you have experienced both you know what I mean.

Due to covid my living situation became very unstable last year and now I am currently living in a small home with a roommate who has 2 other regular domestic cats, one of which is older and quite frail and I'm concerned my cat is literally going to kill him one day. We've been living here together for 6 months and have attempted introducing them slowly and properly but the situation is unfortunately not improving with the cats.

Please do not offer suggestions for how we can remedy the situation.

We have tried scent swapping, Feliway plugins, and slow introductions with food and treats and it's just not working. She has attacked both of my roommate's cats now several times, as well as 3 people who have gotten between her and them in any way, even when the cats were on the other side of a closed door. It's a small 2 bedroom and we have to keep them separated 24/7 which is sometimes tricky due to lack of separable spaces within the house and gaps under the doors.

We do what we can to keep the peace with a covered baby gate blocking sight-lines, and it's mostly fine, but it's sometimes a stressful environment for them and us and it's exhausting playing musical cats swapping them in and out of bedrooms all the time, plus having to be hyper-aware of where they each are.

All that being said, I absolutely will keep her if I don't find a suitable placement for her. She's not as risk of being taken to a shelter. I would never abandon her like that.

I would say 90% of the time she's fine, but the stress of having to live in close quarters with other cats has her lashing out very aggressively and it's rather stressful for everyone involved. She is otherwise a normal, friendly, intelligent, curious, and affectionate cat with myself and others. She loves being carried around on your shoulder like a baby and likes to be close to her favourite human. She often follows me around like a puppy and likes to be involved in anything interesting I might be doing from fixing the toilet to playing a video game.

There are potential renovation plans to have more space, and/or moving again within the next year, and I would like to take her back when either of those happen, however if your home turned out to be a really excellent fit for her and I was presented with a solid case for why she should stay with you, I would also be happy just knowing she is well-cared for and leave her with her new family.

And on the flipside, if it's not working out in the foster situation, for any reason, I am willing to take her back, even if my situation hasn't changed.

If you are interested - and please, only those who are *seriously* interested - as well as local to Ontario (I am not putting her on a plane and I no longer have my own vehicle to deliver her any great distance) then please email me at or text me at (226) 770-0803.

Thank you kindly

P.S. see attachments for photos. (I kept getting a security error message trying to include them in the body of the post ‍♀️)


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