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6month old savannah sleeping ALOT


Savannah Super Cat
Our new savannah went from active all day and night with cat naps to the last two days he has slept like 12hrs during the day. Not really being social and active till like 9pm. Is this normal?


Site Supporter
How long have you had Koda? If it was fairly recent, I am wondering if he is just catching up on sleep after being stressed out from the new environment and all. Any other changes? How well is he eating and eliminating? Does he exhibit any kind of distress at all? When he is awake, how is his energy level? Also, have you experienced any dramatic climate changes very recently that could contribute?


Staff member
Sounds like he's catching up from a very active couple of days. If it persists I would have him checked out by the vet, but I suspect he will get caught up in a day or so and be back to racing circles around the house.


Savannah Super Cat
Mine slept a lot at that age just before a growth spurt.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I thought growth spurt was possible like Jacq suggesgts, also sometimes a change in weather can change their activity levels too...

You do say "new" so if he's still in the settling in period then yes he might have worn himself out with a couple of frenetic days and is finally settling and relaxing a bit and so is catching up on sleep now :)


Savannah Super Cat
The weather just changed to a cooler temp, and my two 6 month old's have been sleep a little bit more later(not overly, but slightly).