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9 year old F7 Female in Ontario, Canada seeking perfect home


Savannah Super Cat
Do NOT respond to this ad if…

1. You have other pets, especially another cat or small pets like rodents or lizards. (A big dog miiight be okay if it's extremely calm and well-behaved.)
2. You have small children. (Under 7.)
3. You won’t feed on a schedule, or in measured amounts.
4. You think it’s okay to let cats run outdoors unsupervised.
5. You’re not going to read everything I’ve written here about her. (Apologies, but there’s no TLDR for this.)

I’ve had this cat for nearly a decade and it breaks my heart to have to give her up so I will unfortunately be picky about the kind of home she goes to. Please try to understand I’m trying to do my due diligence to find the best home possible for HER and if your home isn’t a good fit it’s not a moral judgement on you, it’s just not ideal for THIS particular cat.

I'm going to assume if you're here you know all about Savannahs, and if you do, you're welcome to skin the next paragraph, but just to cover all the bases:
About Savannah’s as a breed: Savannahs are not your average housecat and can be very demanding companions. They are not typically quiet or calm, and even when they get older and start to mellow a bit, they still need active play time at least once a day, ideally with the human they're bonded with. They get very attached to their owners and tend to follow them around and want to be involved.

About This Cat:
• She’s very chatty. (i.e. she meows a lot. Sometimes it’s quite conversational.)
• She’s very playful. (i.e. if you don’t play with her she’ll annoy you…probably by meowing very loudly for hours on end.)
• She’s a hunter. (i.e. she makes a very good mouser. That being said, she WILL try to kill any living thing in the house that’s not a human. ….and sometimes the humans too if they get between her and the thing she wants to kill.)
• She loves blankets and often tucks herself in under them in the winter. (i.e. You need to check any suspicious lumps or bumps before sitting or laying down.)
• She is very much a shoulder cat and likes to be carried around over a shoulder.
• Her name is Meilikki. (after the Finnish goddess of hunting and healing. Pronounced Me-licky or Meal-icky.)
• She’s a bit spoiled. (i.e. very well cared for. Rarely left alone. Not just given everything she wants. If she got everything she wanted she’d weigh 100lbs. Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but actual WARNING: you cannot give this cat everything she wants!)

She’s harness and leash trained and she loooves being outside. However, and this is important, she’s not a dog. She won’t walk nicely down a sidewalk like a dog and she'll jump and try to run at the sight of a big dog or a loud vehicle, but if you take her to a quiet park she’ll happily dash along the fence or tree line. And if you were willing to work patiently with her over a long period of time you may be able to improve this, but she’s skittish around vehicles, children, dogs, and even just people out walking who are talking loudly, so unpopulated outdoor areas are best for her. I also recently got a cat backpack for her but we didn't get very far with that. She doesn't like to be contained in small spaces like carriers and I believe she has some trauma from that as a kitten.

Alternatively, if you have a big fenced in yard then leashed and supervised time in a yard would be good too. Or you could get those fence toppers to keep her from escaping. Outdoor cats decimate wildlife populations, and they are at much higher risk of injury and early death. Savannah’s in particular are known for having larger outdoor territories and can and will get lost and never return home. She loves being outside and she is used to having access to the outdoors, but she is an indoor cat. If you allow cats to roam freely outdoors please that's your prerogative but please do not respond to this ad. I would never forgive myself if she got adopted and I found out she got hit by a car or mauled by a coyote because she was allowed to roam freely outdoors.

Cats are very territorial animals and many cat-owners don’t often realise behaviour issues such as inappropriate urination or random attacks are due to unrecognized and unaddressed territory issues going on. Meilikki is particularly territorial…even for a cat. This is the worst trait about her.

She absolutely cannot be with other cats. Even if they are outside and she sees them from a window, she’ll attack the window, screaming and trying to claw her way through the glass. If you try to put her in the same room with another cat, she will attack-to-kill. It’s scary. In addition to the extreme territorial aggression, she has what’s called redirected aggression. This means that if you try to pick her up, restrain her, or otherwise get in the way of her attacking another cat, she will instead attack you. She has viciously attacked legs, arms, and once my face when I was stupid enough to get that close to her when there was another cat nearby.

All that being said…please trust that when she lives alone with humans and no other pets she’s a very loving and entertaining cat.
She just really isn't happy sharing her space with other small animals.

She has a chipped canine tooth from a fight with my former roommate’s cat when they accidentally got out together. The biggest part of the reason I need to rehome her is because I’m low income and can’t afford pet insurance or costly vet bills like this. (2020 was a brutal year for me with much stability lost and it has not gotten better in the past two years.) The vet did recommend her tooth get pulled but it's a small chip with just the end broken off, and it does not seem to bother her (she eats just fine and I can touch it and brush her teeth without noticeable issues) but she definitely does need a cleaning at the very least and for it to be inspected further. Other than the chipped tooth she is healthy and I expect her to live a long vigorous life.

The rehoming fee is $500. This is mainly for all the accessories that she will come with. The catio and window-insert cat door cost almost $400 alone. There’s also the cat backpack, and her very large carry kennel for longer trips. Plus bedding, toys, scratching posts, and any food stock I have left at time of rehoming. I am currently surviving off $1,325/month income plus the food bank and the generosity of my friends (I have no family), so I could very much use it.

If you’ve made it this far and you think you can provide a fantastic home for Meilikki for the next 10+ years please respond to this ad telling me about yourself, your household, and most importantly, why you want to take on this big job of being a parent to this beautiful little gremlin?

P.S. Here is a video from when she escaped once. The rabbit was alive and it got away once I distracted her but had I not been out looking for her and got her back inside she would've just played with it till it died of fright. She is a menace outside.


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