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A couple new Nova videos



Over the Christmas holiday, I took a month off work to stay home with the wife and kids.
During that time I got a few videos of Nova in the act.

The first video is the final moments of a standoff between Nova and Rocky.
I just managed to catch the final moments of it, but it's pretty funny.

The second video is of Nova trying to not make any sudden movements around his bully - Adrienne.
Seeing him deliberately move in slow motion around her is pretty funny.

I'm considering putting more effort into these - better editing, openers, better audio. etc.. because right now, I'm just using my IPad to take the videos.
I'll let you guys know if I do.
Surprisingly, from me just posting these videos online, there have been some views.
So people are looking for this type of stuff.



Site Supporter
So people are looking for this type of stuff.
Haven’t you heard? Cat videos are the new fried chicken - everybody wants some! :roflmao:

Our Ninja loooooves to sneak up and smack the others while they are relaxing, he also moves in slow motion when he does it, and takes off like a shot if they catch him. Guess he’s aptly named.