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A few things, with a question


Greta T.
First of all: I finally educated Nicole on the mean-ness of declawing! Once I explained it to her, she was dead-set against declawing any cat, and she is horrified at the thought of it. One stepping stone attained, several more needed.

She wants to meet an F2 in person before she gives me the 'okay' that I can have one. She wants to see what they're like, see what they look like in person, and how they act. Granted I know that a lot of them have different personalities, and I told her that, but she wants to meet one. I know a lot of catteries are closed (and for good reason!) so what would be the best way to meet and greet an F2 Savannah? I would guess make friends who have one, so I figured I'd post here. We live in Sarasota, Florida, if that makes any difference.


Savannah Super Cat
Going to a cat show in your area is the best way, IMO. You get to see them being handled, meet breeders, and ask questions. Who knows, you may make some friends who will invite you over to interact with their cats.

Trish Allearz

Will they actually have F2s at a cat show?
See- probably not... Good question though! I think now in particular that we are in CH rings, you will be less likely to see an F1/F2 brought into the show hall for exhibit only. Still a chance, but even when we were in ANB- it was only a chance.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Trish is correct, a cat show lets you meet Savannahs but not so often an F1 or F2. So saying that, the recent Reno show had both there...

Maybe the best idea is to find the breeder you'd want to buy an F2 from, establish a relationship with them such that they understand how serious you are about buying specifically from them and then you may be able to visit. Is it Nicole's fear that an F2 is going to be "wild and dangerous"?


Savannah Super Cat
My boyfriend was pretty anit-cat, anti-pet period. When I suggested getting a Savannah Cat he was only on the fence with a yes because they "look cool and get big." What threw him over the edge and into Yes-Land was just sharing with him several sites about the breed because it was really hard for us to actually find a Savannah anywhere nearby that we could meet.

Another really good resource is youtube - you can just search "Savannah Cat" and that will give you an idea of all sorts of different generations of kitties doing all sorts of different things and you can see their owners interacting with them. So if you can't find someone locally who has one there are a few web resources.

I have an F7 so he's probably not very "savannah" but it's a totally different experience with him than with any other cat I ever had as a child. He's like a cat/dog/kid lol! It's more work than I expected but totally worth it :)


Savannah Super Cat
That is quite a thing to require someone who does not have access to Savannahs. Yeah, I would be a bit not to thrilled if someone called to come over because they were buying a cat from someone else, however I know it happens. If the breeder requires that, they they need to help you with resource of how to go about finding someone who will hob-knob with their F2. Did you try posting someone on Craigslist?


Greta T.
Nicole is anti-cat, she's afraid a Savannah will get all up in her stuff (and it will, but of course I'd take the proper steps to Savannah-proof the house), and while she's intrigued by the videos/sites I've shown her, she will not be swayed until she meets on in person. She's a very hands-on kind of girl. She also very much wants an 'exotic pet' that people will talk about, so she's on the fence about it only because she wants to meet one.

I want an F2 Snow Savannah (female, specifically) and I know how difficult it may be to find a breeder with exactly what I'm looking for... or a lot of the waiting game x.x


There is no question that a Savannah will be all up into her stuff!LOL Lovely babies they are and they think what is theirs also;>) Just know that they will creep into her heart and will eventually get her to share;>) LOL i ACTUALLY SAW A BEAUTIFUL f2 female available just yesterday. If you would like to know me privately.


Greta T.
Haha I told her that of course the cat would claim everything in the house as her own, but she's just so nervous about exotic breeds, even though she wants one. I'm hoping she'll bond with whoever I end up getting x3