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A Great Day with Elsa..

John Campbell

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Staff member
Elsa was a very good girl today... Did not get into anything she was not supposed to... Today we watched Too Cute that had the Ocicat's and Elsa wanted to play with them... She was actually trying to get to them on the TV...

Elsa-TV-1.JPG Elsa-TV-2.JPG Elsa-TV-3.JPG

Her Valentines gift arrived today (a day late) and she loves it... She even wanted to use it before it was put together...
elsa-021414-01.JPG elsa-021414-02.JPG elsa-021414-03.JPG elsa-021414-04.JPG elsa-021414-05.JPG elsa-021414-06.JPG elsa-021414-07.JPG

Also today she laid around and slept a little bit, played with Jake... When both of them decided to rest on the couch Jake actually laid down on top of her.... She was not hurt or phased about it, but she did slide out from under him...

elsa-021414-08.JPG elsa-021414-09.JPG elsa-021414-10.JPG elsa-021414-11.JPG elsa-021414-12.JPG elsa-021414-13.JPG

She is really proving to be the Lady of the house, and she gets her way most of the time.

But of course, who could turn down this innocent looking face...


Staff member
She is such a cutie! She doesn't have time to get into trouble because you keep her occupied all the time! :up:


Savannah Adult
Such a cute little girl! I love watching her grow. Keep posting pics! I love seeing what she gets up to. I almost feel like I know that cutey!


Animal Communicator
She is so adorable! Her little face kills me...she can just turn those little innocent eyes on you..."it wasn't me daddy, it was Jake, I swear!"