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A Regular Houdini


Savannah Super Cat
We had all of our furbies under lock and key so they wouldn't get injured, or escape out the family room window, while we removed the carpet. I had just sat down for a minute, when my son says, "Mom, why is Triton out of his room?" I told him that was impossible...the screen door has a hook and eye lock on it. He replied, "Well, he's out!" I turned my head just in time to see the little bugger saunter into the bathroom. :eek: I picked him up, and took him back to his room. Apparently, he had pulled the bottom of the door open enough to squeeze through, because the lock was still in place. Now I know I have to be extra careful to lock the storm/screen door in our living room, as I have a furry 4-legged Houdini on my hands! :rolleyes: :lol:


Savannah Super Cat
Aww, come on, Mrs. CC! You have been all over this site by now and should not have been too surprised!:p
I know that's right! :roflmao: I really didn't think he'd get through a locked door though. It's not like he's a skinny-minny anymore! I guess he's a lot sneakier than I give him credit for! :sneaky: Gotta love 'em! :in love:


Site Supporter
Our Mickey has an open-the-door move he has perfected: he runs at it, full steam, and bounces off of it, over and over again, until he gets the door open.
He does that AFTER he tries the lean on the door move.
If neither of those two tactics work, he hooks a paw underneath, and pulls the door towards him.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Mayhem seriously attempts to give me a heart attack a few times a week. He likes to jump up on the second floor banister and ask for a head scritch. I'm convinced he knows I freak out. Mrs. RD, too! (the little b*st*rd!):cautious: