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A Surprising Day with Elsa.

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Elsa on the Computer alot Today... But not like you may expect..

Elsa-01.JPG Elsa-02.JPG
She first reviewed her website....​

After that, she took a break... Of course note her Elbow on the keyboard... I am not sure what caption to put with that facial expression...

Elsa-04.JPG Elsa-05.JPG
After her break, she decided to take a few YouTube videos... I think I have another computer kitty on my hands here...

After all the heard work, she decided to take a break...​

Today with her Walling Jacket I was very surprised.. Only her 5th time putting it on... I picked her up and put it on her without no fuss. It went on quick and easy. She played well with it on. When I put the leash on, she hesitates a little, but I walked around the room, then took her up the stairs. She did ok, but did not like the resistance when I held her back. She never has tried to back out it. I cannot wait until I can take her outside on the leash and see how she does... And there will be a video of it :)
Elsa-07.JPG Elsa-08.JPG Elsa-09.JPG
A little play after the Jacket Training... She really loves the Teaser Toy.
She jumped in a tub without thinking about how to get out.. Here she is trying to pull her self out... Finally went to rescue her... It won't be long before she won't need rescued at the rate she is growing.
While watching TV, both Elsa and Jake decided to take a nap.

And then Later in the evening, totally unexpected.. Elsa Played a game for Fetch with paper.

I would have never believed at 11 Weeks old she would play fetch... She almost has it down good... She just started to play tonight out of the blue... We never practiced this at all... When she started, I grabbed a camera real quick.. Light is not setup correctly, but oh well.

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
I just keep coming back to the photo of her with her elbow on the keyboard and a goofy grin! Too funny!
That was not a posed shot.... She was leaning on the keyboard, and I grabbed the camera and snapped 3 or 4 real quick.. And that is what I came up with.... I keep my camera close (as most of you already realize) :)
2014-02-26 08.39.08.jpg
The poses and positions that she gets into I could never explain in words.... They say a picture is worth a 1000 words... LOL, The Picture with her Elbow on the Keyboard, I could not have explained that in 1000 words.

The image is my normal config, but I have other configurations that I put it in. For those who chose not to take a lot of pictures or videos.... All that I can say, is that it is difficult to share memories otherwise.


Site Supporter
After that, she took a break... Of course note her Elbow on the keyboard... I am not sure what caption to put with that facial expression...

I think that Elsa is saying, "Why yes, my hooman's training is coming along nicely. Next week I will teach him to jump thru hoops."