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Abbas sick to go healthy


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Everyone,

Abbas was very sick last week until last night, he vomit his food and have some diharee.

The vet thank he is allergic at his food and i really think it can be a possibillity.

At this moment, he eat Dental Health from purinet vet diet.

The vet gave to him pepcid and some I/D can foods for 1 weeks.

The day after, he stops to vomit and begin again when he eat in jasmine bowl....

Yesterday, he didnt have the diharee but the flu!!!! In 4 hours he gone to his place 6 times and we can listen his poo!

So i called again this morning and i get a vermifuge also something for his flu, the med is metronidazole.

I dont have the chance to get a poo analyse, its all gone this morning with the litter i used.

I want stop the assurance, i think i will keep it 1-2 months

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
When your cats share living space, whatever changes you make to his food you likely will need to make to Jasmine's...

Hope Abbas feels better soon, that is never fun when one of your kitties is ill :-(


Savannah Super Cat
I bought a new food, it is Royal Canin hypoallergenic cat food.
Look to be better, i will keep you in touch if i see something wrong.