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Action........and Not


Loyal Servant
Great pics! Damn it I want an F1 but my place is too small 1600sq ft and so is the back yard with 3 other cats to be feasible. I very much appreciate you sharing your photos with the forum so we can all watch him grow and play.


Savannah Super Cat
Everyone's telling you how cute or gorgeous Louie is, well I don't want his head to get inflated, so I'm just gonna comment on the floor instead. Wonderful carpet :lol: Ok, ok, I can't get over how gorgeous Louie is, he makes me want an F1 playmate for Shelby so badly!!!!


Thanks for the praise of the carpet. She's really purdy.
Don't give Louie a swelled head, cuz, it's supposed to be small in proportion to the body.:rolleyes::big grin: