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Active Feeders


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I originally got two of these when my mom wasn't well and I had to leave the kittens alone for hours. What made me buy more was that when I came home the bowl of kibble was half full but the active feeders were empty. Same food, just tastes better when they have to work for it I guess. All of these are hard plastic and make a bit of noise on hard flooring if they get really crazy with them. I use them with orijen or evo kibble when they have reached their treat limit and are bored and begging for something more.

Also, I linked to chewy but these are all available on other sites and in pet stores. Amazon having the higher prices and chewy the lower most of the time.

PetSafe SlimCat. This is a bat around ball with a few choices for the amount dispensed. Works well, kitties enjoy it, but it leaves a trail of kibble or treats wherever it goes. Great in the kitchen for me but not so much on the rugs if they really get it going.

Kong Cat Wobbler. This is larger and weighted on the bottom with a single hole for treats to fall out. It holds a good amount of kibble or treats. This one is Leo's personal favorite. He loves that he really has to attack it to get the treats. He drags it around by the tail.
41LDrWYVM7L.jpg 31TLLPbFlCL.jpg

Kong Cat Treat Cone. This is much smaller but easily carried around by the kitties. Not weighted. One grabs it and runs thinking ALL MINE, while the other follows along scarfing up the treats that fall out.

Nina Ottosson Cat pyramid. Very small and this weeble wobbles and it does fall down. Doesn't always wobble back up. (Who remembers Weebles?)

Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze. Kitties tried it a few times but just not interested. You can load treats from both sides into this saucer shaped toy. It has to be spun and shaken for the treats to dispense.


Staff member
I use the Kong treat dispensers for my dog - never thought about it for my cats, but it's a great idea! Especially for those who are always begging and already a bit thick about the waist...