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Staff member
Do cats of all breeds become less active as adults?

I'm thinking they might...seems to me my male savannahs are all laid back anyway, for the most part, while the intact females are still crazy...Zuri is almost 3 yo and still acts like a kitten, so I guess it depends?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I have a 7 year old nuetered male Ocicat that shows no sign of slowing down as gets older. He is every bit as active as my Savannahs. I would love to try showing him in the cat agility classes at a show.....he is very agile and fast for an old fat boy :) Most of my Savannahs are still pretty active. The oldest one at age 4 has def. slowed down. The boys are not as active as the girls as adults, and are more laid back and easy going.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
There's a little slowing down, but I haven't noticed that my Savannahs become too sedate as they get older...and due to that influence even my Brit still has his crazy moments...of course he was raised by my F1 Missy so may be confused as to his breed! LOL!

I think it may depend on the breed, from what I've heard and read, Abyssinians remain high energy into adulthood too... and some Oriental breeds too. It may be like humans and be an individual thing, some adults remain active into adulthood too!