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We may remove users and advertisers who do not adhere to the following requests:

1. You are allowed to have a link or banner in your signature, if you are a site sponsor. Please keep it small out of respect for everyone else. Large images will bog down the forum and decrease speed. We will remove your signature if it is too large.

2. The correct place to sell kittens is in our 'for sale' section. Any posts made in the wrong place will be moved there - repeated and intentional violations of this rule will result in moderation and removal, if necessary. You can only advertise kittens for sale if you are a TICA registered cattery/breeder.

3. Breeders that do not have the proper paperwork for their cats may not advertise the cats on this forum

4. Mutual respect of one another is expected at all times. Individuals who undermine or attempt to disparage any cattery and/or its owners thereof will at minimum be moderated, and may not be allowed to advertise or post on this forum.

5. You may advertise pet products and other pet-related businesses that you own, if you pay the proper fee. Please message the admin for rates.

6. You may advertise your cattery - we have a place specifically for that purpose. Please do not advertise any place else. The fee for advertising your TICA registered cattery is $50...

Thank you for your cooperation!
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