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Advice needed on 2nd Savannah


Savannah Super Cat
I really believe Nyah needs a kitty friend. She tries to romp around with the chihuahuas, but they look at her like she is insane. Nyah has just completely blossomed into this loving, playful, velcro cat, I want to be sure I do the right thing so she doesn't regress back to her super shy days where we couldn't even touch her! She is an F2, and high, high energy. Her latest add to the daily SV 500 is climbing up the screens on sliding glass doors and leaping off. I am hoping a kitty friend might channel some of that energy off my screens (I suppose there is also a risk of 2 SVs doing this rather than one, and if that is the case I will blame it on them being kittens for as long as possible).

In what I have read here, getting a male is my best bet. I thought I should stick with an F2, though I desperately want an F1. As I learn more, I am thinking an F1 might not be out of the question, or a higher percentage f2 (Nyah is 28 percent). I have contacted a few breeders, but don't want to be viewed as a "tire kicker" while i figure out what I am looking for. I am not concerned with standard or non standard colors at all, truth be told I actually really like the non standards! Most important is personality and what would be the best situation for Nyah. So therein lies the question: what is best for Nyah? Getting a friend? Am I correct that a male is a less riskier option than another female, if getting a friend is a good idea? Am I silly for even contemplating an f1, and if not, would it seem wishy washy to tell breeders I would be fine with either an F1 or 2?

Trish Allearz

If both kitties are spayed/neutered, you may end up with a girl/girl combo or a boy/girl combo and both can be great. The major issue I've seen is if one kitty has more energy then the other- then it might result in a little bit of grumpiness between the two cats. Boy/girl combos are recommended a lot, but I've seen the boy be more of a brat and annoy the girl more then once in my household. Girl/girls can be great, boy/girl can be great, boy/boy can be great IF all are altered early on.

Personally- I feel two Savannahs is an awesome combination :)

No- it's not wishy-washy to say you are interested in both F1s and F2s.

Sue Armstrong

Site Supporter
When you have a higher generation (and even many of the lower generations) they do have lots of energy and I think having 2 is great. They do play and run off some of that extra energy and become the best of friends. I do not think it really matters what sex as being fixed there is usually no issue. Nothing wrong with contemplating over and F1 or F2 either. Both make awesome pets!


Savannah Super Cat
Why stop at two? ......(as a lot of us didn't..)
Ha! I could see how easily it would be to have a gaggle of them! I am just thinking with 2 chihuahuas, 2 horses, 2 girls, I would keep the theme going and maybe keep things at a dull roar instead of outright chaos!


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We have three boys here. F3, F4, and F5. We brought D, our F5 boy first, in November 2011, then got him a friend, Jarvis, our F3 boy in May 2012, and then we fell in love with the little guy in my avitar on the left, our F4 baby, Mickey in September 2012. They are addictive. Consider yourself warned ;)