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All About Angus!


Savannah Super Cat
Hey everyone!!

Today is finally the day! We are driving from BR, LA to Houston, TX to pick up our baby and coming straight back home! This site has been invaluable for all of the information and entertainment to keep me occupied while waiting for this day! I'll keep this as a running thread of all things Angus as he grows and causes the mayhem and love we've been waiting for! The fun is just beginning! Pictures to come soon!


Savannah Super Cat
Good luck! Hope you can handle your excitement! I know it was the longest drive for us to pick up Sofia, I just wanted her in my arms!!
Is that Angus in your avatar? Super adorable!!


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks y'all! We hit the road in 1 hour and 12 minutes!! I'm literally shaking with excitement! Lol
Yep that's him in my avatar! I can't wait to get headbutts from that precious face!


Savannah Super Cat
Congrats. I'm another 'future' Savannah parent and should have mine mid-july by current plans.

I look forward to seeing more pictures of Angus.


Savannah Super Cat
I am so excited for you! And that face! He could rip down custom drapes and get away with it just by looking up!


Staff member
He has a face to melt many hearts :in love: Have a safe trip and please post up when you return!