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All In One Day!


Savannah Super Cat
It's like my F3 decided yesterday, that he would start acting like a Savannah! For the first time, all in one day, he played in the water. He fetched a toy and brought it back to me. And I believe he did a little chirp :).

What an exciting day! AND... today, he learned about the touchscreen computer. There's this game where little fish swim around and you touch them and they disappear. Interestingly enough, the touchscreen recognized the pads of his feet and he was able to bat at them and actually "play" the game. Didn't think my SV would be a 'gamer' :)

Proud mommy moments...


Site Supporter
One if my cats thinks that glossy magazines are the iPad! Not sound effects, though!

River Ridge
West Virginia


Savannah Super Cat
I'm just enjoying his personality so much! Is it a SV trait for them to sit there and lick your face? Or is that something alot of other cats do as well? It's like I have a dog in a cat's body!