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Almost a Year and an Anniversary!

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since Elsa came to her Forever home. For the most part things have really gone great.

I will never forget the day she came off... The Long wait.... Working in the airline industry and watching her land was the longest approach that I had ever seen

I remember the first thing Elsa did when coming out of her carrier after the long flight was to check out the camera, and she has done very well in front of the camera...

Always up for a good pose

She started off day 1 from being very playful...

Once Jake and Elsa met, they have been great friends ever since the first meeting...

She started watching TV from almost Day 1

Elsa loves the computer and watching YouTube... You can see how relaxed she is on the keyboard, waiting for me to load the next video... Kind of like she is saying "Ok Dad... What's Next!"

However, not all the memories are great ones.... Elsa almost past away before she was even given a chance.....

However, with prayers from may of you and other people alike, Prayers were answered and Elsa has become the lady she is today...

With her walking Jacket that she fought at first, she really enjoyed going outside to check things out, and even had a good time with Jake in the back yard.

Elsa learned how to take her collar off, and has now perfected the skill of removing it in record time... I would say her collar and locator are lost, but I would say instead she has carefully hidden them somewhere.

One day with no training at all, Elsa decided to start playing fetch... She started with paper... I threw it and she brought it back.... After that.. It is hours and hours and hours of history.

We all (Myself/Jake/Elsa) went to visit her Grandma, and she decided she wanted to share a hobby with Grandma... and that was Bird and Squirrel Watching... Elsa now has her Own Bird Feeder and that is one thing she really enjoys doing...

Elsa graduated from her paper to mini-tennis balls.. Playing fetch all day long... Today, many of these balls has been lost... When I move, I am sure I will have plenty to spare for the new house.

With Elsa's new Bird Feeder and Bird Bath installed at home, she spends LOTS of time watching Birds and Squirrels...

And she also has found a new taste... She loves Sweet Tea (Hot or Cold, but hates Orange Juice).
Elsa has also developed herself into somewhat of a thief and steels Jakes Dog Food...
In July Elsa got her Big Cat Tree and she loves it... At first she would use the top levels, but today she gets up there with no effort and does so frequently. Of course knowing Elsa she did offer help in the construction, approving every step.
And once it was done, she had a great time with it... The top mouse has since met its face, but the lower one has some how survived and she still plays with it today.

Elsa-01.JPG Elsa-01.JPG
Elsa's Favorite Movie is Born Free... She responds to the TV when she hears her name.... She watched Living free with "Jespah, Gopa and Little Elsa" but prefers "Born Free"

Elsa and Jake both ride very well with me... Very well behaved, and enjoying the trip.

In July we took a 2nd Trip to Grandma's and Elsa got a long with everyone... Even my Sister!



Staff member
That walk down memory lane was great John. My stomach still turns over whenever I see pictures of Elsa when she was so sick. So many of us fell in love with her and prayed for her. She is truly our miracle girl. My favorite moment is when she and Jake met. Too precious.


Staff member
Hard to believe Elsa has been with you for almost a year now - she has certainly grown into a beautiful young lady!!