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ALT Levels


Savannah Kitten
Hello! Does anyone have experience with elevated ALT levels in their savannah? I have an F5 savannah, and one month ago in August her ALT was 194U/L and now it is 265U/L. Her vet put her on Hepa Plus, 1/4 capsule twice a day, then recheck in 2 months. Any advice?


Staff member
Good article Brigitte, thanks for sharing!

One of my very first Savannahs had elevated liver enzymes (much higher than that). He was on medication for a few years then we decided to wean him off and the enzymes remained normal. No idea what caused it but back then we did not do a lot of testing since the medication did the trick we stuck to that.


Savannah Kitten
Thanks for the responses and the article. The vet didn't indicate possible causes, but we will see if the medication he gave her helps.