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Amanukatz: Recommended breeder


Savannah Kitten
I am a new Savannah companion human after previously having a Bengal for many years.

I cannot recommend highly enough Connie of Amanukatz just outside of Toledo Ohio.

She is TICA registered.

From the very beginning of this adventure, Connie was amazing. She told me all about her new litter of F2 Savannah's and I easily obtained one with a deposit down via PayPal.

She answered all the breeder investigation questions to my satisfaction. She kept in contact with me, sending me photos of my kitten growing every couple of weeks, letting me know of his disposition. Before I picked up my kitten, a very nice welcome package from arrived with two large bags of high quality kibble and a case of Solid Gold Chicken and Liver gravy, as well as a bunch of kitten toys to include 2 very nice mechanical ones. It also had a cat tree that was the perfect size for his initial quarantine bathroom stay for the first couple of weeks.

I picked up my kitten, Siroe, at the Detroit airport. Her husband showed up with Siroe in a perfect sized carrier that was tall enough for his tall stature, but small enough to fit in the seat in front of me on the plane.

Siroe loves all his toys. He can play with the mechanical one endlessly (perfect for when he wares me out). He goes bonkers over his Solid Gold... I call it his "Kitty crack". He appears very well socialized, quickly following me everywhere, not afraid one bit of my two dogs... became playmates quickly. He is truly a lover boy, wanting to snuggle up with me as much as he can. He has put on a pound each week since 12 weeks when I picked him up. He was 5# at pickup, and in the pick here he is 15 weeks and 8 pounds.

I recommend Amanukatz without reservation.

Don Thomas and Siroe (pronounced SEE'-roh-ay)

Siroe 17 weeks.jpg