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Amazing Progress!


Savannah Super Cat
Things are going so much better than expected. After my 8 hour shift, Triton seems like a whole different kitten. I realize there's far more that has yet to be seen, but we're extremely happy with the progress he has made. I was in the downstairs family room, when I heard the track ball spinning away upstairs. Of course, I had to investigate. I cracked the door to the quarantine room, and there was Triton, chasing after his teaser wand. I sat down to watch him and CC play. CC told me that while Triton was playing track ball, he arched his back and pounced on the ball. I'm so glad he's showing his playful side! He layed down next to the cat steps I was sitting on, and let me pet him. After a short period, he began grooming himself. Guess a little raw meat does a body good! Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. The journey has begun. :)

John Popp

Site Supporter
Great News! Glad things are working out and he's making the adjustment. Didn't run into any of these types of issues with Chongo, from the get go he just wanted to play, play, play. The one thing we did have an issue with was his determination to introduce himself to the other cats which in no way were they ready for. Best efforts couldn't keep him away from the other ones, and he would hide then bolt for the door before you could slide a foot in.

Just the same nice to have this information under the hat for our next introduction coming up shortly.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's bound to get better and better, he's feeling more and more confident in his new home. He's getting used to the smells and sounds of the house, as well as the new humans that are there to serve him :)


Savannah Super Cat
It's bound to get better and better, he's feeling more and more confident in his new home. He's getting used to the smells and sounds of the house, as well as the new humans that are there to serve him :)
Boy, you've got that right! :up: Triton sure has come out of his shell today! :) I witnessed him giving CC running head butts. He's all over him; rubbing,'s so much fun to watch! When CC left the room to get his food, I placed my hand, palm down, moving it side to side as if petting him. I said, "Come here. Come see me!" He walked over and let me pet him. I heard him purr and make mild growling noises today, too. CC had to lightly scruff him a couple of times when he bit down on his arm during playtime. He followed up with a firm, "No". Triton also went after CC's stocking feet. Our son likes to go barefoot barefoot around the house. Guess that will all change once Triton has free run of the house!

All body functions seem to be working just fine, too, thank heaven! I didn't even smell his feces, and it was nicely formed. I wish he'd drink a little more, but his food has plenty of liquid, and he's voiding well. No litterbox issues either...knows right where to go.

CC can see already where someone who has never had a hybrid before, might be surprised at some of the sounds and behaviors coming from an earlier generation SV. This is going to be a fun, crazy, and never dull for a moment, ride! :toasting:


Savannah Super Cat
Well, CC had to go back to work this morning, so it was just Triton and me. :) He was sitting at the top of some kitty steps (only 3 high) as I approached with his breakfast. Got a little hiss. Let him have a whiff, and a taste of it, then placed it on his dining mat. I thought he'd run right to it, but he decided to interact with me first. He was all over...rubbing against my legs, sticking his nose up my pajama sleeves, weaving between my ankles, and letting me pet him the whole time. He even placed his front paws on my leg to better investigate my coffee cup. :paw: Had to remove CC's rolled up comforter, because Triton started nipping at it. When I opened the door, Cleo was right there. She's been good about staying away, and this was the first time since Triton arrived, that she has shown any real interest. In fact, our little diva is finally turning into more of a lovey now that he's here. :up: I quickly tossed the comforter out the door, as Triton was hovering near. Not ready for any introductions yet! He decided to check out his food dish, finally. Ate 3/4 of the serving (forgot to get a scale for accurate portions. One more thing for today's 'Honey-do ' list! ;)) then took a good drink of water. A little more interaction with me...lots of purring, before I gave him some space. It was a great morning!