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amount of wildtrax to add



I usually grind 10 lbs of chciken leg quarters (bone and all) along with about 1lb of livers and 1lb gizzards. This then frozen for a lest 2 days and then thawed. Next a put the reccomended amount of wild trax on the food mix it in and then it is given to the cats. Is there any formula I can use to add the wild to the ground meat so each time I take some out they get the correct dosage and I don't have to mix it in every time? Or would this be a bad idea because I freeze the meat before serving it and it would reduce the effectiveness of the supplement? Or is this not good idea all together?


Savannah Super Cat
I think that is too much liver for that amount of meat. Be careful with liver. It can be toxic in large amounts.


Staff member
You can add it to the 10 can call the company and ask how much to add to 10 pounds...then when you thaw, you can add a bit of Taurine even though Wildtrax has Taurine in case the effectiveness has bee reduced.

John Popp

Site Supporter
This definitely interested me as with my kitten on the mend I like the idea of getting some additional calcium in his raw diet. So I contacted WildTrax and below is their response to the batch addition question,

First you need to calculate how much meat your cat (or cats) will be fed per meal and then determine how many meals/servings are in your total meat batch.

If you are feeding raw meat you can use the following figures as a guide as to how much meat your cat should be eating per day and then divide that amount out into however many meals you want to feed in a day. Normally, a growing kitten needs about 5% of their body weight in food (raw meat) per day. An adult without any special needs ( such as being pregnant or ill) needs about 3% of their body weight in food (raw meat) to maintain their current weight. (If the cat does not seem to get satisfied with that amount, experiment to find the right amount that satisfies the cats hunger without overeating or gaining too much weight.)
EXAMPLE: A 10 lb adult cat would need 3% of his body weight in raw meat per day 10lbs x .03 = 0.3 or a third of a pound per day. You can give that in one meal or several over the day, whatever you prefer, but 0.3 is how much meat this cat needs to maintain current body weight and health.

Then you need to determine how many servings are in your total meat batch that you make up at one time. Weigh your final mixed batch.
EXAMPLE: you have a total of 20 lbs of final meat mixture for the 10 lb cat above. 20 divided by .3 size serving = 66 servings.

Now add the dosage of Wildtrax to your batch for 66 servings.
EXAMPLE: The dosage for one meal for a 10 lbs cat would be 1 teaspoon. So you want to put 66 teaspoons into the 20 lb batch. Or convert teaspoons to a larger cooking measurement, such as by the cup to make it easier to measure. There are free measurement conversion tools on the internet to do that.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Just a quick update on this as their instructions have a slight hole in them for ordering the proper quantity. Easy enough to figure out the math of doing the batch, but as the pouches are measured by weight, not volume hard to figure out exactly how much you will need. I ended up ordering 5lbs so I'll be able to put all that together.