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Amusing Cat Behavior


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry if there's already a post on this, but I can't access other pages at the moment. I believe Paige may be working on something.

Triton's litterbox is located at the back of his cage. He's still in quarantine for a few more days, and we wanted him to be comfortable with the cage in case we have to use it in the future. The floor of his cage is lined with a bath mat. Last night, I was tossing his toys across the floor (he has 7 stuffed, squeaky, and Cong, along with assorted balls). He was having a great time chasing after them. :) Instead of returning them to me, as he sometimes does, he took them, one by one, into his cage and dropped them on the bath mat. CC scooped them all out for me, and the game began again. With each toss, Triton chased it down, dropped it in his cage, then watched for me to toss the next one. He repeated this 5 times. He didn't get upset when CC scooped up the toys and tossed them back to me, but he'd run over to the little pile beside me and wait for me to begin again. We got a big chuckle out of it, :lol: but I was wondering why Triton would choose to take his toys to the litterbox area? He never dropped them in the box, just on the mat.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Chongo during his two month convalescing stay in his crate would often grab a toy and deposit it in his crate while he was out. I'm pretty sure he just wanted them in there for when he was on lock down, and unfortunately we just couldn't leave them in there as they would invariably get tossed into his litter and water bowl, often both.

Like Triton, I really just think Chongo wanted access to his toys while locked up. The week that followed his release, and an open door on the crate the behavior quickly went away and within 3 days he paid so little attention to his crate that we stowed it away, far in advance of the week that was suggested for his adjustment back into our home.


Savannah Super Cat
We haven't had the need to shut the cage door on him...the quarantine room is a spare bedroom that we gutted out, so he has access to the entire room. That's why I found it a little odd that he'd take the toys in the cage. Wednesday is the day of his release. Unfortunately, our Bengal, Cleo, decided now would be a good time to come down with an apparent cold in her eye. :( Will be taking her to the vet tomorrow, if there's an opening, to get this straightened out before we can introduce her to Triton. Guess I'll just have to get one kitty out at a time, as we have been doing. I'm not so nervous about how Triton and Cleo will get along, as she's affectionate with Shady. :in love: Shady, on the other hand, gets tired of Cleo grooming on her, and pulls out the paws. :mad: We still have to get Shady spayed, and I'm hoping this will mellow her out. Maybe, once all three can finally be together, Triton and Cleo can chum together and give Shady a break.


Staff member
This behavior is located in chapter 3 of the Savannah cats' "How to Train Your Human" manual. Triton has successfully taught Mr. CC to retrieve his toys from the cage and toss them to you:roflmao:

Or if he feels that the cage is his safety zone, he's making sure his toys are in a safe place.


Staff member
I think that this behavior is typical of many cats...I see mine with their toys and they walk around with them in their mouths and put them in a "safe" place...sounds like Triton is trying to make sure he has a safe place to hide his toys ;)


Animal Communicator
Zeddie has done that too...I have an open crate in my room that I have never locked her in, yet she still finds it a great spot to curl up and nap.
My boss gave her some fake mice for Christmas, which she loved, so then she gave her an entire box of mice. I gave Zeddie one and then put the box on the counter and left for a few hours. When I got home the box was knocked off the counter and all the mice (about 12 of them) were strewn around the house...mostly at he door waiting for me to step on when I got home....crazy cats


Animal Communicator
Yesterday while I was working my mom was feeding my parrots breakfast, and zeddie was "helping". I guess my macaw was too loud for her because she looked at him and made the weirdest noise! Like a mrrr but more annoyed I guess lol. My mom said it was the funniest thing she had ever seen Zeddie do (which is saying a lot haha) too bad she didn't get it on film