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An ode to cats, especially the best of them.


Savannah Super Cat
San.png electric cat.png Pictures of San. The second could be captioned: Honey the new electric cat arrived.

A haiku:

Into my heart you
Crawl purring a soft soulful
Rhythm, a love song.

I am sitting here still mourning the loss of San (my avatar picture). That picture was taken in February of 2010, a month after he was brought home. I had the sad task of having him put to sleep on June 1st 2013 due to very aggressive cancer that he fought bravely for a year. The vet believes he was around 7 years old.

He was a very special boy that was one of two cats I received from a shelter after going there and meeting him and his close companion cat (my orange tabby Paz). San was a very calm, confident, and friendly cat that impressed everyone he met. Even the people at the vet clinic jokingly offered to trade me their pets for him.

Even though I have two Savannah cats scheduled to arrive at the end of June, they can in no way replace San, they can only be new friends and family members who will find their own special place as my other pets have.


Staff member
Wow, I am so sorry to hear about San :( No, they can never be replaced...but we do open our hearts and souls, especially to such innocents as kittens and will always miss San, but the pain will fade...sounds like he was wonderful and special and I'm sure he had a very good life.


Savannah Super Cat
I just realized I left the word soft out of the second line of the poem, breaking the 5/7/5 rule for haiku. I will edit the post to fix that.


Savannah Super Cat
Go to your post, and you'll see an edit button underneath it on the left. Edit it and then click save.
Unfortunately the edit function is not showing up for me on my initial post. Can an admin add the word soft between a and soulful please?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of San. He was gorgeous and had a good life with you.

I love your says it all....